The Big Bang Theory Had the Most Adorable Fight in Television History

The Big Bang Theory Had the Most Adorable Fight in Television History
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Penny and Amy had one of the show's strangest relationships.


  • TBBT has seen many amusing fights between its characters.
  • Amy's weird fight with Penny in Season 12 was very cute to watch.
  • In the end, there was no reason for the fight.

As a true sitcom, The Big Bang Theory has poked fun at its characters, who, over the course of the show's twelve seasons, have found themselves in many hilarious situations. Penny befriending Leonard's mother, Sheldon taking the brunt of his own prank on Leonard, Leonard and Priya sneaking into the apartment without Sheldon noticing – these are the first few moments that come to mind.

However, it's probably the many scenes of argument between the characters that provide the most comic relief for the audience. In particular, Sheldon's incessant complaints and scathing remarks about his friends' actions are always fun to watch, even though he comes across as an extremely insufferable person in these scenes. But The Big Bang Theory had a more amusing argument between Penny and Amy that turned out to be adorable as well.

Crushed Dreams

Although The Big Bang Theory began as a sitcom about three neighbors – Sheldon, Leonard and Penny – it soon became a show about their few friends as well. With an ensemble cast of four male and three female characters, it was obvious that there would soon be three couples and a spare tire in the car. Long story short, that is exactly what happened, as Penny married Leonard, Sheldon married Amy, and Howard and Bernadette also tied the knot, leaving Raj alone.

In other words, by the end of its twelve-season run, TBBT became a family sitcom, following three couples and their unlucky friend. And as people do when they are friends with other couples, they make plans together. Amy's plan (or rather dream) was for her and Sheldon's children to be friends with Penny and Leonard's kids. So when Amy found out that Penny didn't want to have children, she was naturally none too happy to have her dreams crushed.

The Most Adorable Fight

As a result, in Episode 3 of TBBT's final, twelfth season, the two characters had a kind of fight, in which Amy accused Penny of crushing her dreams and depriving her and Sheldon's future children of friends, since Penny and Leonard's children would probably be the only people who would agree to be friends with them. Penny, in turn, calmly told her friend that it was up to her and Leonard to decide whether or not they wanted kids, and that she would still be an auntie to Amy and Sheldon's children, teaching them curse words and telling them stories about their weird parents.

What do you think of Amy's plans for Penny's children?

Aside from some weird and disgusting revelations on Amy's part, it was probably the nicest fight a TV show has ever seen. What's even more heartwarming is that TBBT ended with Penny and Leonard expecting a baby, so Amy and Sheldon's future children would definitely have friends.