The 8 Most Overrated Moments in the Harry Potter Series

The 8 Most Overrated Moments in the Harry Potter Series
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The Harry Potter franchise has one of the biggest and most passionate fan bases in the world, but not even they can argue that some moments in the franchise received far too much hype.

1. The Quidditch Match in The Philosopher's Stone

Many fans felt frustrated watching the Quidditch games. In the first movie, Harry joins the Quidditch team to compete for Gryffindor and ends up accidentally catching the Golden Snitch which means an automatic win for his house.

It's a victorious moment, but many fans found the entire match scene overrated, with Redditor meistermichi pointing out: 'Why wouldn't just all players chase the snatch or whatever it's called if catching it gives you an instant win? It makes the rest of the game completely irrelevant.'

2. 'He was their friend!'

In The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry finds out that his godfather Sirius Black betrayed his parents. It is a dramatic and emotional scene and runs off into the woods where Ron and Hermione find him crying.

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Some fans may argue that the moment was raw and real, as Harry continues with 'I hope he finds me. Because when he does, I'm gonna be ready,' but for others, Daniel Radcliff's acting was weak and unconvincing, and not only did they find it overrated.

Fans found it cringe-worthy and laughable which FormerFruit attributes to 'the awkward facial expressions, atmosphere, and the horrific crying.

3. The Freeze Frame

The Prisoner of Azkaban movie appears as the culprit again, this time with an overrated ending.

The intention was to create a memorable scene, but it turned out to be an awkward and cringeworthy moment in an otherwise superbly directed film.

In the scene, Harry receives a parcel that contains a new Firebolt broomstick. The entire school watches him open it and then follows him outside to see him try it out. He soars delightedly into the sky and towards the camera, and the movie ends frozen on his face.

Fans just found it stupid.

4. Harry and friends years later

The final movie ends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione years later, dropping their children off at Kings Cross.

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For die-hard Harry Potter fans, it was a touching and fitting conclusion, but others couldn't get past the awkwardness of the actors trying to pretend they're adults, and the attempt at aging them didn't help make it any more convincing.

5. Gryffindor wins the House Cup in The Philosopher's Stone

And we're back to the first movie.

Most fans will agree that Gryffindor deserved to win the House Cup, but the way they were awarded added a bitter element to what should have been a huge celebratory moment. Slytherin was led to believe they had won, and then Gryffindor was awarded enough last-second points to push them to victory.

Redditor SpiritualMessage explained that 'it's not that it was unfair as much as it was shitty how the final points were awarded when the Great Hall was already decorated with Slytherin colors and they were already celebrating their victory only for Dumbledore to be like 'lol whoops no' at the last second.'

6. Snape finds Lily dead

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This was just a missed opportunity. When Snape finds Lily and James dead, and baby Harry crying in his crib. Some find the scene where he holds Lily's lifeless body heartbreaking and moving, but many fans feel indifferent to it because it felt too much about Snape's loss than anything else.

7. Dobby's death

The heroic death of Dobby the House Elf had potterheads bawling their eyes out and made news with fans being asked to stop leaving socks on the beach in Wales where his death scene was shot.

Whilst this moment was undeniably sad, it received way more of a reaction than many fans think it should have, but it is and will remain a heated debate.

SavingsPhotograph724 says:

'Yes I get it, he rescues the kids from Malfoy Manor at the expense of his own life but he's just annoying and constantly risks Harry's life and well-being.'


8. Voldemort's rebirth

When Wormtail acquired all the ingredients for the regeneration potion needed to bring Voldemort back, it was a dark and scary moment for all fans watching, except for one part.

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Sloth-Rocket remembers the scene where Wormtail lifts up baby Voldemort and just…plops him into the cauldron. I laugh every time.' It seems the execution stole away from the seriousness of a pivotal and grossly overrated moment in the movies.