The 3 Reasons Why All of Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriends Are Under 25

The 3 Reasons Why All of Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriends Are Under 25
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Is age just a number or a sign of a bigger problem?

Leonardo DiCaprio's passion for young girls is well known, but hard to explain. What makes him break up with them once they hit 25? There are several theories and here they are.

Leonardo DiCaprio, the main love crash of the 90s, has never been married, but had lots of relationships. Leo dates, as a rule, models, and they are all not older than 25 years. As soon as the girl approaches this age, the actor immediately dumps her. It seemed that Camila Morrone broke the vicious cycle, but Leo was faithful to the unspoken rule and broke up with her two months after her birthday.

So what makes the actor run headfirst from 25-year-olds?

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First theory: Psychological trauma after Titanic

Leo is literally stuck in the 90s, when fame swept over him after the release of the movie Titanic and he was recognized as a sex symbol. In the year of the movie's premiere, the actor was 22 years old, and many believe that Leo is psychologically stuck at that age and is therefore looking for a "peer". This theory, for example, was proposed by journalist Caitlin Moran. The internet jokes that Titanic itself is already old for the picky actor, after all, the film was released over 25 years ago.

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Second theory: Fear of a serious relationship

At 25, many girls want to settle down, start a family and have children. But Leo is not ready for that and does not want to commit to a serious relationship. This is what insiders have told the media.

"He does not want a family and does not want to be around women who may press him for that," the source revealed.

Third theory: Women are getting smarter and don't want to be with Leo

Although this theory sounds strange, it actually has a scientific basis. By age 25, the development of the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for planning complex cognitive behavior and decision-making, is complete. The primary purpose of this area of the brain is thought to be the coordination of thoughts and actions in accordance with internal goals. It is possible that at this age, Leo's girlfriends are simply rethinking their lives and losing interest in the Hollywood actor altogether.