The 3 Most Annoying Characters on the Vampire Diaries, According to Reddit

Image credit: The CW

Some of the famous teen drama series characters never had what it takes to be loved by fans.

Throughout its run, The CW's popular series about a group of vampires and witches trying to save the world while navigating complex relationships remained a consistent hit, captivating audiences with its diverse cast of intriguing and multifaceted characters. However, not all the heroes and villains proved as engaging as others, with a few falling flat and failing to stir the audiences.

Fans on Reddit decided to find out who the most annoying characters in the series were, and some names immediately came up.

Here are the three most annoying characters of The Vampire Diaries:

April Young

While initially an intriguing addition to the show as the daughter of a renowned vampire hunter, April failed to capture the audience's imagination because of her lacklustre storylines. Despite attempts to elevate her from a minor supporting character to a recurring one, her plots were ultimately unsuccessful with fans.

April's unpopularity was evident, and her sudden and final departure from the series was met with little fanfare or regret.

Meredith Fell

Meredith, like April, initially appeared as an intriguing supporting character, only to disappoint the audiences later on. Her prominence in seasons three and four, particularly her romantic relationship with Alaric, piqued interest but ultimately failed to resonate with the show's fans.

When Meredith was abruptly written off the series, viewers were indifferent to her exit, as they considered her superficial and insignificant to the overall storyline. It was a case of good riddance for a character who failed to connect with the audiences.

Professor Shane

Professor Shane is often cited as one of the most disturbing characters in The Vampire Diaries, though not in a positive way.

Although initially presented as a potentially menacing villain, professor Shane ultimately fell short of the ambition, failing to impress the audiences in this capacity. As viewers grew tired of his one-note, annoying portrayal, interest in him waned. Consequently, the writers quickly wrote him out of the series, and he was never mentioned again.