Ted Lasso Writers, Take Note: Fans Came Up With The Best Finale Idea Ever

Ted Lasso Writers, Take Note: Fans Came Up With The Best Finale Idea Ever
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The fan-favorite sports drama series Ted Lasso is currently in its third season, which is likely to be the last one, but viewers are still drawn to the story of the fictional AFC Richmond and its optimistic coach.

While some people are speculating about how the storylines will develop in the remaining episodes, other fans are more worried about what the creators could do after finishing the series. And some of those ideas are totally worth considering for the show's writers and creators, as they may take Ted Lasso to a whole new level of fan engagement.

There was one particularly interesting idea centered around Trent Crimm, the series' sports reporter from The Independent. Reddit users agreed that it would be wonderful to publish a very real in-universe book "written" by him:

"Like a completely serious book written about the team in the voice of Crimm writing about all of the behind the scenes stuff that didn't happen on camera in season 3," a Reddit user shared their concept.

Earlier in the series, Crimm was skeptical about Lasso's competence and mentioned the coach's panic attacks in an article, which was clearly an unethical thing to do for a sports journalist. Over time, however, the reporter became attached to the team — and since then, Crimm has tried to earn the club's trust, even deciding to write a book about AFC Richmond.

Publishing that book would be a great culmination to the character's redemption arc, viewers think.

Most importantly, the memoir would be a perfect gift for fans, providing an invaluable insight into what had been going on behind the scenes in AFC Richmond as well as in the personal lives of its members.

It's likely that the writers have enough material that hasn't made it into the episodes, so Crimm's non-fiction work wouldn't be a hard task to pull off. And of course, releasing an audio version narrated by James Lance, the actor who played Crimm, would be a great promotion for both the book and the series.

"They are doing that for Marvel, with Ant-Man's book getting published and narrated by Paul Rudd in character," remembered one of the Redditors. Indeed, Disney plans to publish an in-movie memoir to coincide with the release of Quantumania — so why can't Ted Lasso fans get a literary treat?

We hope that the series' creators will hear their call.