Ted Lasso's Latest Hint: Is Ted & Rebecca Endgame Actually Happening?

Ted Lasso's Latest Hint: Is Ted & Rebecca Endgame Actually Happening?
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Fans have been theorizing if Ted and Rebecca will end up together since the start of Apple TV's Ted Lasso – or whether they should at all.

So far, it's seemed like all of their intimacy was strictly as friends.

But after a weird hallway interaction and a psychic reading, will Tedbecca shippers finally get their way?

In Season 3, Episode 3, Rebecca gave in to her mother and saw her psychic, Tish. Among other things, Tish said that Rebecca will have a family. Rebecca, who wanted a child in her previous relationship with Rupert, was understandably upset at Tish's 'f---ing cruel' reading.

A few of Tish's predictions have come to pass – will her shot at a family be one of them? If so – is Ted the one she'll end up with?

From the beginning, Ted tried his best to get close to his new boss. He brought her biscuits every single morning – to the point where she got annoyed. After desperately trying to find which store they'd come from, she eventually found out that he made them from scratch.

They helped each other through their respective breakups to Rupert and Michelle. After Ted's determination in becoming close to Rebecca, she eventually relented. The two have a close, intimate friendship that goes beyond the owner/coach dynamic. Would the show risk that beautiful friendship for the sake of making them romantic?

A few episodes after the reading, Higgins told Rebecca that the glory of psychics is not in their ability to show the future, but in showing people their true desires. Right after that, Rebecca and Ted awkwardly passed each other in the hallway.

Rebecca called him 'Coach;' he calls her 'Rebecca.' Though it seems innocuous, they both stopped and basked in the awkwardness. She usually calls him 'Ted,' and he calls her 'Boss.' This was coming on the heels of a previous argument between the two. She apologizes, which he says he'd know would happen.

He says that he can be 'a little bit psychic,' which could be seen as another sign. She apologizes for bullying him. This strikes Ted in a similar way, as he's currently dealing with his son, Henry, bullying at school. It's a tiny moment, but it may hint at a future relationship.

They've developed from colleagues to acquaintances to dear friends; the next step might be romantic, but fans are, for the most part, against Tedbecca.

Shows often shoehorn unnecessary relationships between characters for drama. Ted Lasso has consistently shirked expectations and norms. Beyond that, forcing these friends into an awkward relationship would be an insult to the pure friendship that's been built over the past three seasons.