Ted Lasso Foreshadowed Season 3 Episode 7 Roy Twist Back in the Pilot

Ted Lasso Foreshadowed Season 3 Episode 7 Roy Twist Back in the Pilot
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Well, for a certain definition of 'twist'.

Ted Lasso is famous for his relentless, some might even say toxic, positivity. His primary approach involves overcoming the stubborn hostility and malicious intent of those around him by drowning them in huge amounts of optimism and kindness.

One of the more challenging individuals for him to win over was Roy Kent, the captain and later assistant coach of AFC Richmond. Roy, a notoriously hot-tempered man with a penchant for outlandish ideas, initially made no secret of his disdain for Ted and his methods.

However, Ted eventually managed to win him over. Despite Roy's conversion to the Lasso Way, his temper and unconventional thought processes led him to put his own unique spin on it.

This was amply demonstrated in Episode 7 of Season 3. At this point in the series, as part of his 'Total Football' concept, Ted aimed to teach the team awareness so that they would always know where their teammates were and move accordingly. The metaphor he used for this purpose involved players moving like soulmates, connected by invisible red strings tied around their pinkies.

Roy, however, not only took the concept a bit too literally but also went a step further, suggesting that the team train with an actual red string wrapped around each player's private parts. Moreover, he managed to convince the team to participate in this dubious activity, ludicrous even by sitcom standards. The results were quite predictable; thankfully, everyone emerged with their private parts still attached.

Hilariously, Roy's new role had been foreshadowed all the way back in the pilot episode. A piece of dialogue from that episode goes:

'Roy: Thank you. Never thought it would end being coached by Ronald f***ing McDonald.

(Roy Leaves)

Ted: You gonna let him call you that?

Coach Beard: I don't think he was referring to me.

Ted: He thinks he's mad now, wait till we win him over.

Coach Beard: He'll... be... furious.'

Perhaps 'furious' isn't exactly the right word, but Roy clearly didn't lose his distinctive character after embracing the Lasso philosophy!