TBBT Fans Hate This Episode So Much They Actually Can't Watch It

TBBT Fans Hate This Episode So Much They Actually Can't Watch It
Image credit: CBS

The Big Bang Theory may still be one of the best sitcoms in television history, but as any other show that's been on the air for more than a decade, the cult series did feature a few unsuccessful episodes — and fans agree that there was one particular episode they simply cannot rewatch.

It turns out that episode one of season nine, titled "The Matrimonial Momentum," was just too annoying for viewers even when they first saw it in 2015. Although some critics praised the episode, fans thought it one of the worst in the show's history. And here's why.

The first episode of season nine is a direct continuation of the season eight finale. Leonard and Penny go to Las Vegas, while the gang gathers at Wolowitz's house to watch their wedding ceremony online.

However, instead of a sweet romantic story with comedic elements that viewers were expecting to see, we got a depressing drama for drama's sake. Fair enough, the vows that the sweethearts shared were probably the best moment of that entire episode, but the rest of it was just…

"Here we finally get to their wedding, and it's completely anticlimactic. I mean, we've already had one extravagant wedding episode, but I expect a little more for Leonard and Penny. Worse still, they end up fighting again afterwards," a Reddit user expressed their disappointment, and other fans supported the sentiment.

Indeed, the tender vows moment is almost immediately devalued when the Hofstadters start to quarrel about Leonard kissing a coworker, and then when they return from Las Vegas, the spouses continue to argue on a regular basis.

Some people point out that this could be the writers' (failed) attempt to show that one can never be fully ready to get married. But even if that was the intention, fans wanted to see a happy and funny wedding episode — after all, it's TBBT, not a soap opera!

Many viewers were also infuriated by Sheldon's behavior. We all know that Cooper is very socially inept, but in this episode, he acted really selfishly, humiliating Amy (saying lots of misogynistic things) and not letting his friends watch the wedding ceremony. On the other hand, this is still quite in line with his character, as Sheldon was probably worried he'd lose Leonard as his best friend after he married Penny.

"Yes, Sheldon was their friend longer but was hardly concerned about Leonard's wedding, even in this episode he tries to call it off because he's hurt," a fan pointed out on Reddit.

Overall, Leonard and Penny's wedding episode got fans quite disappointed. People think the two beloved characters deserved more, and even though they got their "happy ending," the culmination of their love arc could have been handled better.