Superman Legacy and The Brave and the Bold: James Gunn's DC Films Update

Superman Legacy and The Brave and the Bold: James Gunn's DC Films Update
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The new CEO has confirmed facts and dismissed rumors concerning his upcoming projects.


  • All DC films have underperformed this year.
  • The script for Superman: Legacy is almost ready.
  • The Brave and the Bold isn't on the table yet.

Despite the biggest writers' and actors' strike in years, 2023 will forever be remembered for the number of high-profile premieres it saw. In addition to the phenomenal duo of Christopher Nolan and Greta Gerwig's films, collectively called Barbenheimer, and four major Marvel releases, there were plenty of other notable premieres.

From blockbusters like Fast X and Disney live-action films like The Little Mermaid to more art house productions like Saltburn, this year has seen many memorable premieres. However, there's one group of movies that no one will remember – DC's many, albeit unsuccessful, installments.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, and Blue Beetle are the major flops of 2023, further tarnishing the studio's reputation. Perhaps this is why DC needs to be revamped by its new CEO, James Gunn, who is already working on a new installment of the Superman franchise. In addition, the filmmaker recently gave an update on the project.

Work on Superman: Legacy Is in Progress

Since James Gunn overhauled DC in 2022, he's primarily been working on Superman: Legacy, a revamped installment of the beloved franchise that is set well before the events of the most recent iterations of the fan-favorite character. When recently asked about the upcoming film on Threads, the filmmaker assured fans that the script is almost complete.

'99.9%. I'm always changing small things but it's been essentially done since well before the strike,' James Gunn replied.

The Brave and the Bold Rumors

In addition to reviving the Superman franchise, Gunn is reportedly working on rebooting the Batman story and introducing Robin to the DCU. Interestingly, it was recently rumored that the casting process for the future film is underway. However, the filmmaker says that it's not true as he still doesn't have a script for the Batman and Robin movie in question.

According to James Gunn, these rumors are nonsense because he simply can't cast actors for a movie that doesn't exist.

'I get asked about rumors of various actors being cast in various roles every day. Just a blanket rule to keep in mind while assessing whether these rumors have any truth to them (99% of the time they're false) – we are never going to cast roles without scripts,' the director offered his golden rule regarding such rumors.

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