Succession's Biggest Twist Yet? Fans Question if Logan Will Pass Over His Own Children for Tom

Image credit: HBO

Can Tom Wambsgans really be named the successor to Logan Roy?

A 2018 satirical drama series by HBO, Succession is now facing its fourth and last season.

The Roy family, the media magnates and owners of Waystar Royco, are in the series’ spotlight, with the patriarch recovering from an illness and the younger generation embroiled in a power struggle for control of the company.

However gloomy Succession is, it has humor, albeit dark. In this very spirit of its genre there may be an expected twist of the plot that will make you laugh and roll your eyes at the same time. The show’s fans are speculating that season 4 might well do just that.

There is a theory within the fandom that says that Logan Roy who’s regained control over his body and life may circumvent his vying children and name Tom, his daughter Siobhan’s husband, his successor.

The theory is built on the notion that such a blatant move is in Logan’s spirit. Logan Roy is infamous for using people and disposing of them shortly after. He is a narcissist for whom only his needs and desires matter. So, it brings him joy to belittle others. Naming Tom his successor would certainly upset his offspring immensely, much to his own pleasure. This is, however, the very counterargument itself.

“Logan perceives "loyalty " as something he's owed and not something to be rewarded. Pffff... I wouldn't be shocked if he burns Waystar building to the ground before he points a successor,” wrote Redditor Hungry-Class9806, explaining why Tom has no chance in being repaid for his loyalty.

Besides, the two are very different, despite the fact that both had to work their ways up. While Logan is a killer shark, Tom is a lickspittle who butter his way up to his current position.

And in a conversation with his son Kendall, Logan Roy said that it takes a killer to run such a media conglomerate as Waystar Royco. On the other hand, some point out that Tom betrayed his wife and then kissed her in cold blood, as if nothing had happened, which might be an indication that he’s capable of pulling the trigger.

The stumbling stone of the theory is that the only person in the company Logan trusts is Marcia, making it unlikely for him to choose Tom. But Marcia’s position is vulnerable, and she can be easily overthrown by the younger Roys. Anyway, fans seem to be entertained with this theory, leaving hundreds of comments, arguing for and against it.