Street Smarts vs. School Smarts: Missy Gives Sheldon a Run for his Money

Image credit: CBS

It seems that each of the twins is talented in his or her own way, and each can come out on top.

One of the most beloved sitcoms of its era, The Big Bang Theory would have never become so popular if it wasn't for its most unique and hilarious character, the eccentric physics genius Sheldon Cooper. As the original series was getting close to the finish line and people still couldn't let go of their favorite character, it was only natural that the network decided to produce a spin-off based on Sheldon's younger years.

Young Sheldon turned out to be the perfect sequel to the story, shedding new light on Sheldon and his twin sister Missy, whom fans have always wanted to know more about.

It was always obvious that Sheldon was the smartest person in the room, given his vast scientific knowledge, but Young Sheldon made it immediately clear that Missy was also a force to be reckoned with.

While Sheldon excelled in school and impressed teachers with his smarts, Missy did the same in a more accessible way: the girl boasted strong emotional intelligence, and her street smarts rivaled Sheldon's academic prowess.

Fans loved this sibling dynamic and found it refreshing to see Sheldon lose to his sister in some aspects. In particular, many remember the episode where Sheldon and Missy were sent to college for an exam, and Missy was found to have great social competence and street smarts, while Sheldon's only advantage was his excellent school skills.

People admire the fact that Missy wasn't put off by Sheldon's academic success and was able to develop her natural talents, which helped her outsmart her genius brother on numerous occasions.

The only thing that bothers fans is that Missy looked like a completely different person in the original series, compared to her younger version. Seeing the girl's amazing social skills, viewers would expect her to become very successful as an adult, but that didn't happen.

The obvious explanation for this is that the series' creators did not intend to make a spin-off about her when they started working on The Big Bang Theory, so Missy was developed as Sheldon's sister, not a full-fledged character in her own right. And now that her backstory has been revealed, many fans find it difficult to believe that Missy from The Big Bang Theory and Missy from Young Sheldon can be different versions of the same person.