Stiles' Haircut Change Still Bugs Teen Wolf Fans After All These Years

Image credit: Legion-Media

Teen Wolf fans were always keen to see how their favorite actors look on screen, and one sudden change in hairstyle was met with quite a shock.

MTV's supernatural series became a worldwide sensation when it premiered in 2011, elevating its two main stars, Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien, to the pinnacle of fame. Both actors earned rave reviews from fans for their performances on the series, becoming some of the most talked-about young actors in Hollywood.

Millions of fans have followed them closely on screen and in real life, paying great attention to their lifestyles and looks. So, when the third season of Teen Wolf saw an unexpected change in the appearance of O'Brien's character Stiles, people were surprised.

The best friend of teenage werewolf Scott McCall, Stiles has always been considered a perfectly normal kid, given the fact that he does not possess any supernatural powers. Despite this, he was one of the most popular characters on the show, attracting unprecedented fan attention. In the first two seasons, O'Brian's character sported a buzz cut, which viewers never liked, claiming that it did not reflect his personality at all.

So when Stiles' new spiked-up haircut was introduced in season three, fans were pleased with it because it made the character look more like a regular teenager rather than a young criminal.

But why this sudden change of style? Fans aren't sure about that to this day.

One part of the fandom claims that O'Brien got tired of cutting his hair all the time and forced the producers to change his character's style. Others point out that season three changed the appearance of almost all the other characters by greatly improving their clothes and hairstyles. For example, Scott wore a shaggy Justin Bieber–inspired haircut in the first two seasons, but in season three, his cut was much lower.

Fans agree that by introducing the new hairstyles, the producers were trying to show the growth of the series' characters, transforming them from insecure teenagers to mature adults. And it seems that people appreciated it, describing Stiles' appearance in the last part of the show as superior to the first two seasons.