Squirrel's Secret Identity Revealed? The Masked Singer Fans Have a Theory

Image credit: Fox

It looks like fans have managed to figure out the identity of one of the participants, thanks to clues left by the producers.

Fox's hit reality show, The Masked Singer, has been on the air since 2019, almost displacing other reality competition shows from people's minds, becoming the most talked about project of the current television era. People just love figuring out which celebrities might be hiding behind the masks, and the show's producers are well aware of this, giving away clues that can help fandom build theories about the contestants' real personalities.

And it seems that the clues left about Squirrel have apparently been sufficient, as fans have developed a credible theory about who is hiding behind that mask.

Given the fact that Squirrel was a professional figure skater, acted in movies and sang with Tom Cruise, fans are convinced that it is Swedish actress Malin Akerman. The girl began acting in films in the early 2000s and one of her most famous roles is in Rock of Ages, where she sang a duet with Cruise.

What's more, some fans noticed that there was a smile pin in Squirrel's introduction, which many believe is a pretty obvious reference to the Watchmen film, in which Akerman played the female lead. And the gorilla clue fits perfectly with Malin being a Squirrel, as the actress starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in Rampage, a film about a strange virus that causes apes to go on violent rampages.

Although some fans were suspecting Kristen Bell of being the Squirrel, claiming that some of the clues pointed to her, all the debate was settled when a plate of Swedish meatballs appeared in the clue package for Squirrel, which corresponds perfectly with Akerman's birthplace.

After all the clues have been revealed, fans of The Masked Singer have no doubt that Akerman really is Squirrel, as the amount of correct information about her is simply too much to argue with.

If the person behind the mask turns out to be someone else, fans will be incredibly surprised but impressed with producers for doing such a great job of leading them down the wrong path full of red herrings.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.