Spoilers: 5 Our Flag Means Death 2 Most Heartbreaking Moments, Ranked

Spoilers: 5 Our Flag Means Death 2 Most Heartbreaking Moments, Ranked
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More comedy, more drama, and more heartbreak for fans.

The new episodes of Our Flag Means Death have finally arrived. The first three ones not only saw the two crews reunited aboard the Revenge but also had poor Stede also find the half-dead body of Ed, who was pulled from purgatory back into life after hearing his lover's voice.

Unfortunately, the touching reunion didn't go without a hitch, as not only did Blackbeard have to make peace with himself and Stede, but the crew members also had to work through their mental and physical traumas. Let's recap the most heartbreaking moments from episodes 4 and 5.

5. Stede And Ed Admitting They Shouldn't Be 'whim-Prone'

Stede runs into Ed in a comical and awkward situation at an antique store run by Anne Bonny and Mary Read. While waiting for the proprietors, Ed and Stede have an incredibly gut-wrenching conversation in which they admit that they have been acting on their feelings for each other impulsively, drowning out traumas and fears with unhealthy affection. From now on, they have to take a healthier approach.

4. Izzy's New Leg

Izzy isn't the most pleasant person to be around, but he didn't deserve what Ed put him through. After he loses his leg, purpose, and faith in his beloved, Izzy goes on a bender, lashing out at a wooden unicorn on the ship's stern. The compassionate crew repurpose the unicorn's leg into a prosthetic for Izzy, an act of reconciliation and mutual care.

3. Lucius Can't Forget Ed

In Season 1, Ed allegedly killed Lucius by throwing him overboard. Fortunately, our chronicler survived and was reunited with Black Pete, but still harbored resentment and hatred for Edward. Even Ed's offer to take revenge by throwing him overboard didn't ease the traumatized Lucius' emotional state.

2. Fang Tells Ed He Was Hurt

Ed terrorized the crew by forcing them into senseless violence and threatening to kill them, which broke the good-natured Fang's heart. However, they get a chance to talk things out while fishing, where Fang not only expresses his displeasure but also teaches him to finally listen to others and himself instead of blabbering like a crazed maniac suffering from the constant fear of being left alone with his own despised self.

1. Poignant Reunion

And yet the most heartbreaking moment is the final dialog between Ed and Stede in episode 5, against the backdrop of a crescent moon, which symbolizes that they still need to set boundaries and learn to love each other in a more healthy way. Ed has an epiphany about this, and instead of acting on impulse again, he suggests they take things slow.