Sorry, Colin, But It's Penelope's Time to Shine in Bridgerton Season 3

Image credit: Netflix

Each new season of Bridgerton is supposed to be about the love story of a new Bridgerton sibling, but fans suspect that the upcoming chapter will focus more on Penelope than Colin — and here's why.

Throughout the first two seasons, Penelope Featherington had a major recurring arc based on her secret identity, Lady Whistledown. In season one, viewers discovered that it was Penelope who was spreading gossip of the ton through her column, and she immediately became the character of interest.

Trying to balance her secret hobby, staying true to herself, and not doing irrevocable damage to anyone, Penelope has turned into a realistic character whose struggles resonate strongly with the audience.

Then at the end of season two, viewers saw her fail and end up in a low place, which raised the stakes for season three.

On the other hand, Colin's storyline in season two was kind of boring. He returned from his travels. He went to see Marina, but that arc started and ended in a single episode. His only recurring arc was the one about Cousin Jack and his fake gold mine scam, which ended with Colin being a winner, exposing the fraud and unwittingly helping Lady Featherington get Jack thrown out of London. But overall, all of his storylines were hardly at the center of attention.

It's a well-known fact that romance novels are usually written from a female perspective: this way, the book attracts more female readers, who are the target audience for this genre. Julia Quinn's books are no exception. Even when the love stories of the Bridgerton brothers are told, the novels follow the perspective of their love interests. Kate Sharma, Sophie Beckett, Penelope Featherington, and Lucy Abernathy are really the main characters of Julia Quinn's books.

So there's a good chance that Penelope will have more screen time than Colin in the upcoming season — she is a more fleshed-out character, she has more storylines to continue or complete, and all in all, she feels more like the main character because the audience knows her better.

Most of the fandom is fine with such a shift in focus, but people still hope that Colin will be given a chance to grow from a one-dimensional character to a well-developed protagonist with his own arc outside of being Penelope's love interest — because he is, after all, a Bridgerton.