Ski Masks Not Included: 7 Shows for Fans of the Spanish Sensation Money Heist

Image credit: Legion-Media

Money Heist fans, these 7 shows will give you a run for your money (literally).


Elite was probably the most hyped Netflix project last year.The filmmakers openly talk about socially significant issues: promiscuity, HIV, religion, drugs, social inequality and much more.

The series is set in the most prestigious Spanish school called Las Encinas, where only the children of the rich and successful could go to. It seemed like another school year with endless parties, the competition for the Student of the Year award, the prom. But everything changes with the arrival of three newcomers who do not fit into the format of the school. It's not hard to guess what the struggle between the well-to-do and the ordinary kids can lead to.

By the way, several actors who were involved in Money Heist starred in Elite as well.


If it weren't for Netflix, the unusual Lucifer project would have been shut down after its third season. And all because the American Family Association filed a petition to stop the show. The reason for that was the plot, which is based on Neil Gaiman's comic books about the biblical character, the lord of hell.

The charming devil Lucifer Morningstar got tired of punishing sinners in hell and decided to take a break from the daily grind in Los Angeles. He opens the nightclub Lux, which becomes the center of the coolest parties, debauchery and drugs. But one day the heavenly life of the father of sin was over. A girl is found dead right outside his establishment. Detective Chloe Decker takes on the investigation. The woman is beyond the spell of the devil. This seriously frightens Lucifer, and in search of an answer he decides to become Chloe's assistant. What could be better than the duo of a charming detective and a prodigal son?


In order to start shooting the series Narcos, the creators had to ask the president of Colombia for permission. Initially planned as a feature film about the most powerful drug lord of the 80s Pablo Escobar, but by studying the archives, the filmmakers came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to fit all the details of the biography in one film.

After a resounding success, the project had to be extended for two more seasons. The series tells the story of Pablo Escobar, who founded the largest cocaine cartel in the world. While Pablo's millions turned into billions, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration tried eliminating him, but with no success. The rules of the game changed after Steve Murphy and Javier Peña stepped in.

A non-trivial approach to the investigation, a sharp mind and crazy guts lead these guys to what they are looking for. And although many are familiar with the story of a ruthless drug lord, it does not spoil the series. On the contrary, it adds spice and once again reminds you that Narcos is based on a true story.


After the release of the third season, the project Ozark can be rightfully considered a cult show. The series has firmly established itself somewhere between Money Heist and Narcos. It is a fascinating drama about drugs, crime and financial fraud.

This is what family man Marty Byrde has to deal with, by earning money in a rather unusual way. One day, under the threat of death, the man promises a drug dealer to launder eight million dollars in the resort town of Ozark. From this moment the Byrde family enters a dangerous game, where the lives of its participants are at stake. Will the hero and his family be able to carry out the plan? Watch the show to find out.

Locked Up

It seems that Spanish TV series are experiencing a renaissance, and the project Locked Up is no exception. The unusual story of a fragile, spoiled girl who was forced to face the harsh realities of a women's prison has many Netflix fans interested.

Events take place in the Cruz del Sur prison. The protagonist of the series, Macarena Ferreiro, blinded by the love for her boss, carries out several illegal accounting scams, for which she is sentenced to seven years in prison. The girl desperately tries to prove her innocence, but to no avail. She has to play by the rules of Cruz del Sur prison to survive this brutal battle.

The Society

Netflix's post-apocalyptic series The Society has already managed to impress many viewers with its mystery. The open-ended finale of the first season left many questions, the answers to which we will only get in the sequel.

It all begins with the parents sending their children on a trip to find out the cause of a foul odor in the city in their absence. But the teens have to return allegedly because of the roads being blocked. Upon returning home, the youngsters find that they are left all alone, without any adults. The euphoria quickly passes, and the teens begin to conduct their own investigation. Now they are forced to build a new civilization.

The House of Flowers

If you're tired of run-of-the-mill plots and predictable characters, you'll definitely love Netflix's original series The House of Flowers. A non-trivial story and witty dialogue — this comedy will be to the taste of many TV addicts.

The story centers on the de la Mora family, which belongs to the high society of Mexico. The relationship between husband and wife is no longer as passionate, but despite this, they continue to maintain the image of the perfect couple. But everything changes when the mistress of the head of the family commits suicide during one of the holidays. The ideal world collapses, and with it all the secrets of the residents of the House of Flowers are revealed.