Six Times Eager Fans Were Just Too Much For Celebrities

Image credit: Legion-Media

When fans and celebrities clash, drama ensues.

Naomi Watts

Hollywood actress Naomi Watts has always tried to avoid unnecessary attention. It’s difficult to go unnoticed, however, when you’re a star. May 2016 saw Naomi take the subway in New York where she was instantly photographed by a fan. Naomi photographed the fan back and shared her photo on Instagram with the hashtag #gotyou and the caption, “Think you’re pretty sneaky?” It doesn’t seem like the fan was the least bit upset about a big celeb sharing a picture of her on her Instagram, though.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia’s big break came when he appeared in the Transformers franchise, but he’s also long been notorious for his short fuse and getting into fights at the drop of a hat. A few years ago, when a man approached him in a California bar to ask for his autograph, Shia, who was under the influence at the time, told the fan to get lost in a rather rude manner. One thing led to another and the two got into a fight.

Naomi Campbell

For quite a long time, the popular model had a stalker who was clearly mad at Naomi about something. The thing came to a head, when the fan in question managed to sneak into a party Naomi threw for friends. She came up to Naomi and hurled a bunch of obscene insults at her. Fortunately, security quickly removed the troublemaker. Campbell’s representative Alan Edwards later confirmed the stranger had been stalking Naomi for a long time but nobody still knows what the stalker was so upset about.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was recognised by one Robert Morgan at a New York club where Justin was relaxing after a performance. Mr Morgan took a video of Justin on his smartphone without permission. Justin grabbed the gadget from the man’s hands and tossed it to the floor. The smartphone shattered. Robert immediately sued Justin for 100 thousand dollars in compensation for the phone and moral damages, saying the phone had important work contacts and photos of his grandmother’s funeral. The story ended in an out-of-court settlement.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay punched Tiffany Ava Mitchel, a Palm Beach psychic, at a New York club in 2012. Tiffany claims she’s been experiencing visions about other people’s future since age ten. When she saw Lindsay she felt compelled to tell her about her future. Lindsay, however, was not interested and told Mitchel to get lost. Tiffany claims the actress then called her names and punched her in the face. Lohan was charged with assault. What’s ironic is that the psychic didn’t see it coming.

Christian Bale

Harrison Cheung, Christian Bale’s former press secretary and personal assistant, penned the actor’s biography titled Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman. The book recounts numerous incidents of Christian losing his temper and snapping at people. For example, once, after getting a fan letter, Christian sent the fan a fax saying he should be destroyed. The two got things sorted out between them in the end, though.