Should You Even Bother Watching Yellowstone Seasons 4 and 5?

Image credit: Paramount+

The latest instalments of Kevin Costner's vehicle have left fans wondering whether the series is even worth watching.

Yellowstone, the Paramount+ series following the tumultuous lives of the Dutton family, was hailed as a groundbreaking drama when it came out in 2018. However, things have turned for the worse recently, despite stellar performances from Kevin Costner and the talented ensemble cast.

Some fans have been complaining about poor writing and lacklustre plotlines. Some are even suggesting that if you're new to Yellowstone, you should give seasons four and five a pass.

Whereas the first two seasons offered character development and compelling storylines in spades, the action in the last two seasons has slowed to a crawl while a lot of the characters, including Kevin Costner's John Dutton, have devolved into caricatures of themselves.

Many fans now say Yellowstone has turned into a third-rate soap opera: the writers seem to have run out of inspiration and are serving up cliche plot twists that are plain boring.

Fans are wondering why the once-exciting show has become such a bore. Many point the finger at the show's creator Taylor Sheridan, who got carried away building his own private empire at Paramount+ by releasing several new shows every year. Even a writer as brilliant as Sheridan cannot possibly put out quality material for several shows a year.

So Yellowstone got kicked down the list of priorities, with Sheridan now focusing on his new darlings, Mayor of Kingstown and Tulsa King.

And while many insist Yellowstone's last two seasons are so bad you shouldn't even bother watching them, others argue that despite their slower pace, there is plenty to appreciate and enjoy about them for hard-core fans of the series. If you care about John Dutton and his family and want to know what happens to them after everyone's favourite third season, then you should totally watch seasons four and five, even though the drop in quality is very much real.