Richard Harris or Michael Gambon: Which Dumbledore is Better, According to Reddit?

Richard Harris or Michael Gambon: Which Dumbledore is Better, According to Reddit?
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The portrayal of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film franchise has sparked many debates among fans.

Over the eight films, two actors took on the iconic role, including celebrated actors Richard Harris and Michael Gambon.

Redditors of the r/harrypotter thread have now tried to settle the debate once and for all, deciding which actor really did portray Dumbledore better?

Harris' and Gambon's Contribution to the Franchise

Richard Harris was the first to portray Dumbledore in the initial two films. Known as a talented and accomplished actor, he certainly captured the character's whimsical and wise qualities, which resonated well with the fans. Unfortunately, at 72, Harris died between the second and third film, with his part needing to be recast.

Michael Gambon subsequently took over the role, offering a more serious and intense interpretation of the character. While some fans appreciated Gambon's portrayal of the powerful Dumbledore, others felt it deviated from the books and Harris' previous performance.

Reddit Fan Opinions: Harris vs. Gambon

Recently, the Harry Potter community on Reddit has been actively sharing their opinions on who played the role better between Harris and Gambon. Some fans firmly stood by Richard Harris, appreciating his embodiment of the early book versions of Dumbledore.

One user plainly remarked, "He would've definitely asked Harry if he put his name in the Goblet of Fire, calmly," referring to the much-mocked scene of Gambon's performance in The Goblet of Fire. Another fan expressed their support for Harris, saying, "I've always preferred Harris, through and through."

On the other hand, there were also many supporters of Michael Gambon's portrayal, acknowledging his ability to convey both the calmness and serenity of Dumbledore, as well as the power and intensity of later book scenes. One Reddit user commented, "I think Gambon is a far quirkier Dumbledore than Harris ever was, just compare Harris' delivery of 'Alas, earwax' to Gambon's 'Did what? Goodnight'."

Some fans also believed that Gambon makes a more realistic Dumbledore for the later parts of the books and films, stating, "Gambon's portrayal makes the revelation of his past with Grindelwald more believable with how passionate he comes across." Yet not all fans are sold on Gambon's portrayal, stating he may have missed the mark when delivering the more playful aspects of the character that Harris captured so well.

The Ultimate Decision: Personal Preference and Interpretation

Choosing between Richard Harris and Michael Gambon as the better Dumbledore seems to ultimately come down to personal preference and interpretation. While some fans appreciate Harris's faithful representation of the early Dumbledore, others admire Gambon for his intensity and power that evolved with the character in the later films.

With HBO now expecting to release their own Harry Potter series, this debate is only likely to continue as more actors take on the iconic role of the beloved wizard.

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