Reddit's Top 3 Most Underrated Below Deck Moments That Are Pure Gold

Reddit's Top 3 Most Underrated Below Deck Moments That Are Pure Gold
Image credit: Bravo TV

There were many hilarious moments in the reality show, but some of them were a little overshadowed by others.

Bravo's hit reality show about the working and personal lives of the crew working aboard a luxury superyacht during a busy charter season has remained a perennial fan favorite for the past decade, providing viewers with a fresh mix of interesting workplace scenarios and good old-fashioned reality drama.

Fans can't get enough of Below Deck and its spin-offs, as the franchise feels realistic and appealing — and that's precisely what a reality show needs to be.

Let's have a look at the top three most underrated Below Deck moments.

Chef Marcos' prank (Below Deck Sailing Yacht season three)

One of the most hilarious moments in the franchise history came courtesy of Chef Marcos, who really liked to banter with his colleagues. At one point, when Marcos realized that First Officer Gary King was too keen on junior stewardess Scarlett Bentley, he knocked on Gary's wall, making him think Scarlett was at his door.

The moment Gary realized he had been duped made fans laugh out loud, calling Marcos' antics true comedy gold.

Captain Lee's unusual presents (Below Deck season two)

Captain Lee Rosbach is the real center of the reality show, leading the team every season and displaying an impressive amount of inner strength to deal with his employees' childish behavior. But even his patience can run out, and a scene in which Lee dumps a whole pile of pacifiers on the table and forces Kate to distribute them among the crew shows this perfectly.

Lee just got tired of his team chattering and decided to express his frustration with them with such unusual gifts. Hilarious!

Gary refuses to marry Daisy (Below Deck Sailing Yacht season two)

Gary King is one of the show's best-loved cast members, thanks in no small part to his amazing sense of humor. At one point in season two, the crew attended a wedding, and chief stewardess Daisy Kelliher caught the bouquet, prompting Gary to run into the ocean screaming that he wouldn't marry her for anything in the world.

The whole scene was great, as Gary teased both himself and Daisy, making fans fall in love with him even more.