Ranking the Richest Hunger Games Stars: Is Jennifer Lawrence No.1?

Ranking the Richest Hunger Games Stars: Is Jennifer Lawrence No.1?
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All the Hunger Games contestants got really rich, actually.

Suzanne Collins' dystopian young adult trilogy along with the film adaptations have had a huge impact on contemporary pop culture. The issues raised in the Hunger Games books and movies continue to be addressed today, and even the famous three-finger gesture has become a symbol of real-life protests in some countries like Thailand and Myanmar.

It is no surprise that the The Hunger Games cast became hugely popular and wealthy following the release of the film series. Unlike their characters, we're not going to bash the rich here — instead, let's praise the amazing actors who managed to earn so much through their successful careers.

Here's a list of all Hunger Games alumni ranked by their net worth.

17. Amandla Stenberg, Willow Shields — Rue and Primrose Everdeen — $2 million

16. Alexander Ludwig, Wes Bentley — Cato and Seneca Crane — $3 million

15. Jena Malone — Johanna Mason — $4 million

14. Amanda Plummer — Wiress — $5 million

13. Sam Claflin — Finnick Odair — $6 million

12. Natalie Dormer — Cressida — $7 million

11. Jeffrey Wright — Beetee Latier — $8 million

10. Mahershala Ali — Boggs — $12 million

9. Josh Hutcherson — Peeta Mellark — $20 million

8. Stanley Tucci, Evan Ross — Caesar Flickerman and Messalla — $25 million

7. Liam Hemsworth — Gale Hawthorne — $28 million

6. Elizabeth Banks — Effie Trinket — $50 million

5. Julianne Moore — President Alma Coin — $55 million

4. Donald Sutherland — President Coriolanus Snow — $60 million

3. Woody Harrelson — Haymitch Abernathy — $70 million

2. Lenny Kravitz — Cinna — $90 million

1. Jennifer Lawrence — Katniss Everdeen — $160 million

As you can see, virtually every cast member has reaped huge profits from starring in at least one installment of The Hunger Games series. Of course, many of them have earned some of their fortunes through other projects — like Lenny Kravitz, for example, who is also a famous singer-songwriter.

However, no other cast member can rival the series' main actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who managed to outearned even the most revered stars of the franchise, like Woody Harrelson. Although she began acting several years earlier, it was the first Hunger Games movie that served as a huge boost for Jennifer's career in 2012, allowing her to break into Hollywood stardom and become one of the most successful and in-demand actresses of today.

Source: Celebrity Net Worth.