Queen Charlotte Wasn't Enough? Shonda Eyeing Another Bridgerton Spinoff

Queen Charlotte Wasn't Enough? Shonda Eyeing Another Bridgerton Spinoff
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Who's next?

Season 3 of Bridgerton will go down in Shondaland history as the installment that took the longest to premiere after being fully finished. The new story was reportedly completed in April-May of this year, but its release is not expected before the spring of 2024, making the hiatus between seasons over two years.

This painful delay, which undoubtedly has much to do with the Hollywood strikes, was somewhat and briefly mitigated by the May premiere of the spinoff Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Bridgerverse fans binge-watched the six-episode love story of Queen Charlotte and King George in one sitting, and they just couldn't get enough of it.

Unlike Bridgerton, the prequel was written entirely by Shonda Rhimes, and we know how good the iconic screenwriter is at dialogue, drama, and romance. No wonder Queen Charlotte quickly became a Netflix hit, racking up over 22 million hours in its debut week.

Shonda is unlikely to stop there

Such a huge success and high praise from the audience showed that people are interested in exploring the Bridgerverse beyond the Bridgerton siblings and wouldn't say no to another spinoff. What is more, Rhymes is not opposed to such a possibility.

But who is next? Well, the first spinoff kind of has an answer to that.

'In writing it I got very interested in Violet's story. So we'll see,' the creator shared with Hello! after the Queen Charlotte premiere.

The original series and the spinoff both laid a nice foundation for the solo romantic story of Violet Ledger and Edmund Bridgerton. We saw Violet as the matriarch of the family, we saw her suffer the death of her husband, we saw her as a child. Now we have to see her fall in love and start a family with Edmund.

'I am obsessed with Violet,' Rhymes told EW earlier this year. 'She's very interesting as a character and has a lot of layers to her life that we don't quite know yet. It's also another complicated love story.'

Well, Shonda has never been afraid to tackle complicated stories. And even though she is not promising anything yet, this certainly sounds like a plan for a new exciting prequel.

The only request fans can make about a Lady Violet spinoff is that it not interfere with the premiere of another Bridgerton season. Let us drown ourselves in the new Bridgerverse content.

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