Phil Dunster Keeps Stealing Scenes in Season 3, and Ted Lasso Fans Are Here For It

Phil Dunster Keeps Stealing Scenes in Season 3, and Ted Lasso Fans Are Here For It
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Ted Lasso is coming to an end this season.

Every second of it is precious, as the remaining episodes must finally provide answers to whatever questions there are left. So when a minor character distracts you from the main plotline or an important action on the screen, you aren’t happy… are you?

Well, it turns out Ted Lasso’s fans are very tolerant when it comes to Jamie Tartt. Whenever Phil Dunster’s character appears in the background, people can’t help getting distracted by him — and they don’t seem to mind this at all.

“I think he’s just got that quality that draws your eye to him. And if he’s actually doing something, you kinda want to see what he’s up to. Like, that bit where he’s laughing in the background? You would almost never notice that happen most times,” Corporation_tshirt shared his thoughts on Reddit, and many fans agreed.

Although he’s simply meant to fill the void in the background, Jamie Tartt is so charming, he steals the whole scene. Even his meaningless chatter with other characters grabs so much of the viewers’ attention, people admit they can’t help but wonder what on Earth that conversation is about.

Ted Lasso is a comedy show in the first place, so we can’t exclude the possibility that Jamie is intentionally thrown in scenes to distract you. The character and his curious appearances may well be a curveball that Ted Lasso’s creators use to tease viewers.

This kind-hearted humor is in fact very characteristic of the show whose main goal is to bring more optimism into this world.

What’s more, all these Jamie background moments may hint at a Tartt-centered episode that could explore all the featured storylines from his perspective — and Ted Lasso’s fans are all for it. Many have even contributed their ideas of what this episode might look like.

“Like having Ted and Rebecca talking about some important story-based stuff, but you only see/hear it all through the window into Ted’s office while Jamie is getting stuff out of his cubby. Then he is walking through the corridor, past Roy who is clearly on the phone with Keeley,” Redditor LaurieWritesStuff proposed.

Be that a lead-up or just an amusing distraction, Phil Dunster’s character does stand out from the background, and fans seem to accept and appreciate this, willing to see more of this charming character in the series.