Peaky Blinders Still Has More Up Its Sleeve: Showrunner Teases Future Beyond Film

Peaky Blinders Still Has More Up Its Sleeve: Showrunner Teases Future Beyond Film
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'It's not the end.'

Missing the charismatic Tommy Shelby and his Birmingham gang? Well, hang in there, because creator Steven Knight promises that the story is not over yet.

Ever since Peaky Blinders premiered on BBC Two in 2013, viewers have been obsessed with Cillian Murphy's lead character and his gang ruling the streets of Birmingham in the aftermath of the First World War, expanding with each passing season.

In 2021, the announcement that Season 6 would be the last sent shockwaves through Peaky Blinders' massive fan base. Fortunately, it was accompanied by the news of a movie sequel, which is scheduled to hit the big screens sometime in 2024 and will be set during World War II.

Showrunner Steven Knight spoke about the upcoming movie, which is currently being filmed at Digbeth Loc. Studios while accepting the TRIC Award for Best Drama last week. While he did not reveal any plot details, he did promise an exciting cinematic experience with a bigger budget.

What's more, as a pleasant surprise for everyone, the creator also teased that the Peaky Blinders universe won't end with the movie.

'We could never have predicted how much this series about Birmingham ­gangsters in the 20s and 30s would resonate,' Steven Knight said (per The Mirror). 'Some things just seem to have momentum and luck, and they stick, and everyone working on them feels that. What is coming next? It's to be announced. But it's not the end.'

These words will bring awe to all fans of the Birmingham gangsters, as they most likely mean the expansion of the universe through spin-offs, which could be either sequels or prequels.

It's been rumored that Tommy Shelby's arc will likely end in the upcoming movie, so the spin-offs could follow the fate of other beloved Shelby family members, such as Ada and her political career, Duke and Isiah taking over Peaky Blinders, and others. If Knight is teasing a prequel, it could explore the rich legacy of the Shelby family.

Whatever direction the creators choose to go, the Peaky Blinders fandom is sure to embrace any new story with gratitude and huge ratings.

Source: The Mirror.