Our Top 5 Totally Logical Predictions for Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date

Our Top 5 Totally Logical Predictions for Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date
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Unfortunately, Season 3 seems set to debut later rather than sooner.

Amid the radio silence from the show's creators, the wait for the third season of Bridgerton has turned into sheer torture for fans. Earlier reports this year suggested that the new season was almost ready, but progress has seemingly stalled, which could have resulted from the prequel premiere, the Hollywood strikes, or other reasons.

So, when can we expect the beloved characters to return to our screens? Here are five major theories circulating among the Bridgerton fandom.

December 2023

The December premiere has been a hot topic since Netflix's Tudum event in June. Netflix Portugal hinted at a December 14 premiere for 'Season three of Bridgerton' while sharing new promo photos on their social media accounts.

However, these posts have since been edited, and no official confirmation has been provided. Moreover, December has been slated for Part 2 of The Crown's final season. The likelihood of two major period dramas releasing new episodes in the same month is minimal.

February 2024

Since December is reserved for The Crown and holiday releases, and January is typically a quiet month for big marketing campaigns, February seems like the next best contender for when Bridgerton's new season might premiere.

Given the show's romantic themes, a February 14th release on Valentine's Day seems fitting. Additionally, the Bridgerton universe already has ties to this date: the prequel, Queen Charlotte, was announced on February 14, 2023.

March 2024

Another significant date in the Bridgerton timeline is March 25, marking the release of Season 2 on Netflix the previous year. If the third season doesn't premiere before this date, the gap between seasons will exceed two years, which many fans would find excessively long. Such a hiatus could lead casual viewers to lose interest and forget about the show.

April 2024

If Netflix opts for a longer interval between the seasons, April might be a suitable month for the third season's debut.

The upcoming installment centers on the romance between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, affectionately termed 'Polin.' Notably, April 3 to 9 is recognized as Polin Week, which celebrates various events from the book detailing the romantic arc of these characters. A season release around this period would be a thoughtful nod.

May 2024

Regrettably, evidence suggests a potential delay for Bridgerton Season 3 until May 2024 or later. UK bookstores recently notified fans who pre-ordered the Polin book Romancing Mister Bridgerton with the TV show tie-in cover (initially slated for December 2023) of a delay until May 2.

As tie-in books typically release before the corresponding TV season, it's plausible to anticipate Bridgerton Season 3 in May, perhaps aligning with the long weekend observed in both the UK and US (May 25-27).

Furthermore, considering Quinn's Polin wedded in May 1824, the new season might coincide with their 200th wedding anniversary.

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How long do you think the break between Season 2 and Season 3 is going to end up being?