Our 5 Major Predictions For OFMD Season 3, Should It Happen

Our 5 Major Predictions For OFMD Season 3, Should It Happen
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Let's do some speculating.

After a short one-month run that took us on a breathtaking voyage, Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) docked its Season 2 finale on Max's shores.

The season's storyline ended on a sentimental note, leaving viewers with mixed feelings.

Fair Warning: Spoilers Ahead

On the one hand, we suffered the devastating loss of our favorite crew member, Izzy Hands, who had a masterpiece of a character arc this season. On the other hand, love has conquered death, and between Lucius and Black Pete's heartwarming wedding and Stede Bonnet and Ed Teach settling in to run a business together, the story feels wrapped up.

Well, not according to creator David Jenkins. OFMD hasn't been officially renewed by Max for Season 3, but the showrunner has been teasing on social media and in interviews that the story he created needs one more chapter.

What's in store for the fan-favorite pirates if Max greenlights another season? Here are our top five predictions.

Stede And Ed Open An Inn, But Get Bored

If the episode 4 storyline with Anne Bonny and Mary Read taught us anything, it is that a quiet life is not for pirates because pirates love adventure and adrenaline. According to Jenkins' recent interview with Inverse, Blackbeard and the Gentleman Pirate running a small business together is going to put their relationship to the test.

But we predict that the two will realize how boring running a business is and go back to the high seas.

Trials and Tribulations in Relationship

Jenkins said he plans to show the next stage of the Ed/Stede relationship, i.e., the happily-ever-after stage. The love birds are very different people with very different backgrounds. That can be exciting early on in a relationship but can present a huge challenge if you make a long-term commitment to somebody.

We believe the couple will have to deal with many challenges but will overcome them in the end and grow stronger together.

The Pirate Queen Captains the Revenge

With Stede, Ed, and Izzy gone, the Revenge crew needs a new leader, and the best candidate is Zheng Yi Sao, aka The Pirate Queen. With her fleet gone, it feels like a match made in heaven.

The role of the first mate is a bit more complicated. Both Auntie and Frenchie have tons of experience and are worthy of the position.

Who do you think will be the first mate if Zheng captains the Revenge?

Buttons Returns

The way Nathaniel Buttons's arc went this season was perfect for creating that mystical atmosphere where mermen exist, and first mates can turn into seagulls. But without Buttons, Revenge feels empty. So we anticipate his return in Season 3, probably with more sea magic.

Spanish Jackie and Swede Open New Bar

With the Republic of Pirates overrun by British soldiers and her bar a place of mass murder, Spanish Jackie lands on the Revenge with her favorite husband, Swede. But the pirate life is obviously not for her, so we think she will find a new place to open a bar (maybe take over Ed and Stede's inn?), and Swede will follow her.

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