One Twilight Scene Was So Risqué, They Actually Had to Reshoot it

One Twilight Scene Was So Risqué, They Actually Had to Reshoot it
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Robert Pattinson's butt is to blame.

If you were a Twi-hard back in the day, you probably remember the high romance of Bella and Edward's wedding in Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 1). And you almost certainly remember the dreamy, exotic honeymoon financed by Cullen's massive bank account.

You definitely remember that sex scene where Edward breaks the headboard in an attempt to control his superhuman strength.

That love scene was one of the most anticipated moments in the entire Twilight saga. But here's a little-known fact – the scene was at one point so risqué that it had to be reshot. Oh, and they painted over Robert Pattinson's butt.

Director Bill Condon told MTV News:

'The ratings board gave us an R. They basically said, 'You have to cut everything that makes this an R-rated movie, and then we'll give you a PG-13.'

That's right: between the intensity of the acting (Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were a real-life couple at the time) and some pretty explicit shots, the sex scene actually brought the whole movie up to an R rating.

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Of course, the Twilight audience was mostly teens and tweens, who wouldn't be allowed to buy tickets to an R-rated movie… so some changes had to be made. There were significant cuts to the scene, which toned down the nudity and sexual content. In reshoots, Kristen Stewart was no longer allowed to 'thrust' so suggestively, which Condon later explained was part of the problem.

Also part of the problem? Robert Pattinson's bottom. In the bizarre logic of movie ratings, films are allowed to show the butt cheeks in a PG-13 movie, but too much – ahem – crack moves you up to an R rating. Luckily, the editing team was able to fix this little problem in post-production… by digitally painting over R-Patt's butt.

The Twilight love scene ended up passing muster for a PG-13 rating. The final version of the scene was still intense, but more suggestive than explicit. Some found the headboard-breaking, pillow-popping version quite romantic and emotional, while others just found it a bit silly. Still others criticized the filmmakers for watering down such a climactic (teehee, get it?) moment.

However much some fans might want a glimpse of that uncut, un-painted-over footage, there's no doubt Breaking Dawn would have struggled under an R rating. While the Twilight saga was known for its romantic elements, it was still aimed at a teenage audience, and the tone was always romantic rather than explicit.

However, that teen audience is now all grown up… so is it possible that the rumoured Twilight reboot might get a little spicier?