One Reason Bridgerton S3 Could Be More Dramatic Than We Hope

One Reason Bridgerton S3 Could Be More Dramatic Than We Hope
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The season's second major storyline might prove problematic for the new romantic leads.


  • Bridgerton fans are eager to delve into Polin's love story.
  • Penelope's Lady Whistledown business could hurt her and her happiness with Colin.
  • Unlike the novels, the Netflix show seems to take a harder stance on LW.

As May slowly but surely draws near, Bridgerton fans can't hide their excitement for Season 3 of the beloved Netflix period drama. Two years after the premiere of the second installment, which followed the love arc of Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, the show will delve into the story of Colin and Penelope as they reinvent their already complicated relationship.

In Season 2, the duo went through a lot as Penelope struggled with her feelings for Colin, completely unaware of her crush on him, and accidentally overheard him dismissively saying that he would never court her in front of his friends. Needless to say, Pen was devastated, but she decided to move on. In Season 3, she's about to confront Colin on his rudeness, which will also open his eyes to his true feelings for her.

As a result, their story won't have much drama, which was already dealt with in the second season. But it won't just be a pleasant journey to love because of an important subplot.

The Lady Whistledown Arc

Aside from Kanthony, Penelope's Lady Whistledown business was the biggest storyline of Bridgerton Season 2. With both the Queen and Eloise searching for the mysterious gossip writer, the intensity of the arc multiplied. Things got even more interesting when Queen Charlotte accused Eloise of being Lady Whistledown, prompting Penelope to slam her best friend in the next issue.

This later proved to be the root of Peloise's falling out. And now we're excited to see how their story will unfold in Season 3. But more importantly, we should be looking forward to seeing what happens to Pen when the Queen learns the truth.

The LW Book vs Show Reveal

In Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton, the revelation of Lady Whistledown is a big deal, but it doesn't have very serious consequences for the Featherington family. Lady Whistledown's greatest hater, Queen Charlotte, is conspicuously absent from the book, meaning that Penelope does not experience the wrath of the monarch.

On the show, however, the Queen doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and her hatred for Lady Whistledown only intensifies. In other words, on Netflix's Bridgerton, the stakes are too high for Penelope, and her gossip enterprise could cause her great harm, ruining her happy love arc with Colin. Of course, major deviations from the book's plot are unlikely, but Pen is still in great danger.

Perhaps this drama is what will keep us on the edge of our seats when Bridgerton Season 3 premieres on May 16.

Do you think Penelope's comeuppance on the show will be harsh?