One Little Detail That Makes Bridgerton's Kanthony Even More Adorable

One Little Detail That Makes Bridgerton's Kanthony Even More Adorable
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You may have missed it while watching the second season.


  • Kate and Anthony are the most popular Bridgerton duo for many reasons.
  • One particular change in Kate's behavior around Anthony proves that their love is real.
  • This detail shows how much Anthony means to Kate.

In anticipation of Season 3 of Bridgerton, fans of the hit Netflix period drama are eager to see how Colin and Penelope's arc will play out. The classic 'friends-to-lovers' trope is always exciting to follow, even though it's been used and abused an infinite number of times in various media. Also, Polin's relationship is complicated by the fact that Colin's words hurt Penelope in Season 2, so it's intriguing to see their story unfold.

At the same time, the third Bridgerton brother and Miss Featherington aren't the ultimate fan-favorite couple on the show. Thanks to their immense chemistry and dramatic love story, Season 2's leads, Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, are far more beloved by audiences. There are probably many other reasons for their popularity with viewers. But here's one little detail that explains why Kanthony is the most popular duo on Bridgerton.


In Sociolinguistics, there's a phenomenon called code-switching, which is essentially when a person (sub)consciously changes their accent when they think it's inappropriate for the circumstances. For example, a person from the South who goes to an Ivy League college may drop their twang to be more accepted in their new environment, but still speak with it at home. Or Bridgerton's Kathani Sharma, who was born and raised in India, speaks with a clear upper-class accent in public, reserving her Indian accent for her family.

In other words, Kate is only her true self with the people closest to her, people she knows well and can trust and rely on. At first, Anthony is not one of those people, as Kate speaks to him in her cold, genteel accent. But as the two characters grow closer in Bridgerton's second season, she loses her guard around the viscount and lets her Indian accent slip.

A Manifestation of Intimacy

Of course, it's easy to overlook this small change, but it's an important detail that speaks to the depth of Kate and Anthony's love and the complexity of their journey. As the two characters go from rivals to lovers, they undergo a long and complex transformation, overcoming many difficulties on their way to happiness. And as they gradually become attached to each other, Miss Kathani begins to trust Viscount Bridgerton with her true personality, speaking simply as she does with her family.

With this in mind, it's no wonder why Kanthony is the most popular couple on Bridgerton, and why their love story was so much more popular than Daphne and Simon's, despite being more modest and demure. Hopefully, Polin won't be a disappointment when Season 3 premieres on May 16.

Did you notice this detail when you first watched Season 2?