One Harry Potter Scene Reddit Fans Still Hate the Most

One Harry Potter Scene Reddit Fans Still Hate the Most
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One of the worst scenes of The Half-Blood Prince was not only unfair to fans, but also rather pointless.

The wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling's exuberant imagination and beautifully depicted in her books has always been a little convoluted to be perfectly transferred to film, and yet Warner Bros. has attempted this daunting task. According to millions of Harry Potter fans around the world, the Hollywood studio has succeeded in turning the bestselling book series into a hit movie franchise.

And yet, some ardent fans of the source material are still not happy with the end result, constantly criticizing the films for inaccurately conveying Rowling's original plot.

So, it's no surprise that, when discussing the worst moments of all the Harry Potter films over on Reddit, fans decided to pick a scene that deviated from the original plot. And this has nothing to do with cut content or missing characters, but rather with the problem that all Hollywood movies have – putting drama just for drama's sake without thinking about the consequences.

The Death Eaters burning down the Weasley residence The Burrow in The Half-Blood Prince has been chosen on Reddit as the most hated scene in the history of the franchise.

During preparations for a wedding, the Death Eaters spoil the festivities by burning down the redheaded wizards’ house, and the devastating scene in which Ron, Harry and other characters watch the beloved house go up in flames was absolutely heartbreaking. So why do fans hate this scene so much?

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The fact is that there was no purpose in burning down the house at all, as the next film presents The Burrow in its former splendor and everyone seems to forget that it was burned down by dark wizards. It looked to many that David Yates simply decided to heighten the tension, and then simply refused to stick to his decision.

Fans hate this clichéd technique, arguing that Rowling's books dealt with the situation in a much more elegant way. Of course, people were glad that the Weasleys managed to preserve their residence, but in that case, it should never have been destroyed in the first place!