Nutsa Buzaladze 'Not Good Enough' for American Idol's Top 24, Fans Say

Nutsa Buzaladze 'Not Good Enough' for American Idol's Top 24, Fans Say
Image credit: ABC

The American Idol judges have chosen the Top 24 for this season, and some of their decisions are highly controversial.

Fans are having a hard time accepting one of the contestants who they feel fought her way to the audience voting round with behind-the-scenes drama rather than talent.

Nutsa Buzaladze, representing the Republic of Georgia, has already made an impact on the show, though not because of her singing talent.

During the duet round, the contestant was called out by her partner for sleeping through the rehearsals and received an unflattering comment from Katy Perry.

Although this issue was resolved by Nutsa apologizing to her duet partner, Perry, and the show's fan base, the drama still doesn't sit well with all American Idol viewers, who feel that Nutsa only made it to the Top 24 because of the controversy she brought to the show.

'Sorry. She's a great performer but not a good enough singer for the top 24,' an American Idol fan commented on the show's official Instagram page.

Although Buzaladze already has a vocal fan base, and many viewers who actually enjoyed her rendition of Tina Turner's 'Proud Mary' disagree with this opinion, there are still plenty of people who share the sentiment expressed in the comment, arguing that Nutsa's behavior on stage and behind the scenes was just over the top.

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Apparently, the singer was trying so hard that her performance felt cheesy instead of genuine, which she was clearly trying to be. American Idol fans find Nutsa's diva attitude ugly and hard to watch and think that she needs to settle down into reality for the next rounds.

Viewers commented that Nutsa's singing was not good enough to advance in the competition. Her voice was shaky, and her vocal tone was boring, which is why the decision to put her in the Top 24 was so disappointing.

People feel that the only thing that could help Nutsa not get voted off in the audience voting rounds is her pretty looks and the drama she brought to American Idol. Fans hope that the contestant's behavior will change in the remaining episodes, which are set to air twice a week on ABC through the end of April.