Night Court Fans Let Out a Collective Yawn After Lackluster 1x09 Episode

Night Court Fans Let Out a Collective Yawn After Lackluster 1x09 Episode
Image credit: NBC

It looks like the revival of the iconic series still has a lot of work to do to reach the heights of the original.

NBC's iconic sitcom Night Court was one of the defining shows of the 1980s television era thanks to its witty scripts, brilliant comedy routines and many important themes being addressed. Although the series ended back in 1992, fans still remember it fondly as one of the most upbeat shows ever on a network channel, so NBC's decision to revive it was met with cautious curiosity.

When Night Court premiered earlier this year, fans were a little disappointed, claiming that the series had lost its zest and originality, becoming just another sitcom.

Although the show has improved in subsequent episodes, the recently released 9th episode has once again caused fans to question whether the new revived version is really worth watching.

First of all, fans are very disappointed that Night Court continues to skirt court cases, preferring to focus more on other storylines. In this episode, the case was shown for less than a minute, which made people very angry.

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And it looks like the writers can't even pull off potentially hilarious ideas. For example, the fact that Olivia and Neil were forced to pretend to be a couple sounded like comedy gold before fans saw the end result. Two of the most neurotic characters being together potentially could have created interesting comedic situations, but the writers failed to do so, presenting the audience with some half-baked jokes instead.

The only redeeming moment of the episode was Olivia, who made people laugh thanks to the metal detector scene.

Fans wish there were more such funny moments on screen, rather than the failed attempts at creating chemistry between the characters that we often see.

Night Court could only become a truly hilarious and interesting show if court cases played a more prominent role in the script. By presenting new and quirky cases every week, the writers could keep things fresh, making fans come back to the show.