Niall Horan Adds Fuel to the Fire of One Direction Reunion Rumors

Niall Horan Adds Fuel to the Fire of One Direction Reunion Rumors
Image credit: Legion-Media

Niall Horan has been making headlines lately with his participation in the new season of The Voice and the upcoming release of his third solo album.

Viewers of The Voice love the new coach and his charismatic approach, and the fans of the singer-songwriter, who comes from the boy band formed on The X Factor, can't wait to listen to his new hits.

However, the most exciting news comes in the form of rumors — and they point to a One Direction reunion.

The fan theory that has taken over the Internet in recent days claims that the popular boy band will reunite for the final episode of The Late Late Show, which will be James Corden's farewell, set to air on April 27.

These rumors have sent Directioners (as fans of One Direction call themselves) into a frenzy, and the members of the beloved band are only adding fuel to the flames of fan excitement.

Harry Styles announced that he won't resume his current concert tour until May, just like Louis Tomlinson, who postponed his Asian tour. Zayn Malik returned to social media after a long period of inactivity. And Liam Payne is rumored to be rooting for a reunion because his solo career hasn't given him the kind of fame and freedom he'd hoped for.

As for Niall Horan, the new Voice coach also contributed to the rumor mill when he told Esquire that he has a habit of sending his ex-bandmates his never-before-seen songs to get their feedback.

Niall explained that, over the years and dozens of hits, he and his colleagues have developed a kind of radar that helps them determine whether a song is decent or not. Naturally, people were more than excited to learn that the 1D boys are in close contact and share their creative work with each other.

Many fans are sure that all these words and actions from the members of the beloved band can't be a coincidence. The reunion is coming.

After all, even though One Direction went on indefinite hiatus in 2016, they remain one of the best-selling boy bands of all time, and their fan base is as loyal as ever.