Momoa Allegedly Drunk on Aquaman 2 Set Proves DCEU is A Sinking Ship

Momoa Allegedly Drunk on Aquaman 2 Set Proves DCEU is A Sinking Ship
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Maybe the studio should stop dragging out the tiresome saga and focus on a hard reboot.

For several years now, the DC Extended Universe has experienced a series of setbacks, failures, audience fatigue, and behind-the-scenes chaos in the production of new feature films. The only project to reach $1 billion at the box office was 2018's Aquaman, with all other films either receiving more modest acclaim or being embarrassing failures.

Now it seems that the only salvation for Warner Bros. and DC may be the upcoming sequel. Except that the production chaos and on-set drama revealed by Variety is the very epitome of the entire problematic current state of the DCEU. Perhaps it's time to put Snyder's legacy behind and move on?

Momoa’s inappropriate behavior

More and more details are coming out that show just how much the DCEU is dying. After the utter failure of The Flash, the only beacon of hope was Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Except that no movie can succeed when the cast and crew responsible for it are at odds with each other. Especially when one party is neglecting their work and getting drunk on set.

According to Variety and the documents released by Amber Heard's therapist, the actress was under extreme pressure from Jason Momoa, who was drinking and constantly trolling her about her divorce from Johnny Depp.

While many have come to Momoa's defense, if he did show up drunk on set, it says a lot about his own commitment to the project. It seems like it's time to bring in new crews, new creatives, and new actors. why the DCEU should get a reboot

It's time for WB and DC Studios to stop milking the remnants of what was once Zack Snyder's project. It's no longer working, and it's not just Snyder himself: the creators no longer have the vision to make this phase work, the actors have no enthusiasm for it, and the fans themselves no longer want to see another news story about conflict and drama during the filming of dead-end movies.

On the contrary, the current heads of DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran, are still busy with the quite successful Peacemaker series. Maybe we don't need an abrupt reboot, just enough focus on developing the lesser-known superheroes and gradually introducing new ones. Maybe then audiences will be ready to see more of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and, of course, Aquaman.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is scheduled for release on December 20.