Messy Behind-the-Scenes Drama Ruining DCU: Here's Everything That Happened So Far

Messy Behind-the-Scenes Drama Ruining DCU: Here's Everything That Happened So Far
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As the current version of DC films comes to an end and James Gunn takes over, drama has engulfed the studio and left a dark stain on the most recent DC films.

There’s been a lot of childish finger-pointing to fuel this drama between two of DC’s biggest stars.

Dwayne Johnson was first connected to Black Adam all the way back in 2007, eventually confirmed for the current expanded franchise in 2017. Despite the deep connection in the comics to Shazam, Johnson never appeared in the 2019 movie Shazam!

Johnson appaently convinced DC execs to give the characters separate introductions - assumingly so they can both be fully fleshed out when they do inevitably meet.

Then this year, Shazam!: Fury of the Gods was released, with Zachary Levi reprising his role as the titular hero. Once again, Black Adam was nowhere to be seen. Both films were box office bombs, and fingers started to be pointed.

TheWrap reported that Johnson vetoed a post-credit scene of his film that would have included Levi’s Shazam joining the Justice Society. It would have been the first tie-in between the two characters - but Johnson wouldn’t let that happen. Not only did he veto Levi’s appearance, but he didn’t let a single Black Adam character appear in Shazam!, completely setting them apart as disconnected films.

Throughout the entire Black Adam press tour, Johnson prepared fans for the ultimate showdown between his character and Superman, who was re-introduced in Black Adam. He didn’t say anything about Shazam!, which he apparently disdains.

Johnson’s occasionally successful attempts at holding power in the future of DC ruffled feathers among Warner Bros. executives, as well as Zachary Levi. Levi told ET Canada that he hadn’t seen Black Adam yet, all but confirming the behind-the-scenes beef between the two.

“I’ve got a whole full plate of other things that I need to get to in life,” he said.

After the failure of Fury of the Gods, Levi flooded social media with ill-advised smear campaigns against just about everyone. He blamed Zack Snyder’s DC films for the lack of his own films’ successes; he ripped Marvel’s Kevin Feige for promising a larger role in the MCU; and he’s confirmed every report and rumor about Johnson’s egotistical attempts at controlling the future of DC.

Neither the Rock nor Levi have handled this particularly well, and both of their characters will suffer for it. After the failure of each of their films and the embarrassing drama surrounding them, fans shouldn't expect to see them back at DC anytime soon.