Memory Rick? Rick and Morty S7E2 Post Credit Scene Explained

Memory Rick? Rick and Morty S7E2 Post Credit Scene Explained
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Have you heard of it?


  • Rick and Morty Season 7 got off to a rocky start, but Episode 2 improved the audience response.
  • The plot revolves around Rick and Jerry's minds mixing, which leads to unexpected results.
  • The episode's post-credits scene confused many viewers.
  • It is a hilarious follow-up to the Memory Rick arc that began in Season 5.

Season 7 of Rick and Morty stumbled halfway out of the gate. The need to adjust to new voices and the divisive premiere episode led to some negative buzz from Adult Swim's massive audience.

However, the new season's second episode, The Jerrick Trap, released October 22, reminded viewers of good old Rick and Morty quirkiness and drew praise from audiences.

The episode dives deep into the 'what if' aspect of the show and features the most unlikely union between Rick and Jerry as their minds fuse into one, leading to a surprising mutual affection and bond.

Of course, in the end, the two merge into a monstrous Jerricky creature worthy of David Cronenberg's films, which fortunately doesn't last long. However, as Rick and Jerry's minds split and they become themselves again, Rick leaves Jerry a small remnant of himself, which we get to see in the episode's post-credits scene.

The Rick From The Scene Is Memory Rick

The post-credits scene in The Jerrick Trap confused many viewers, but it is actually one of the best in the series. It follows up on the character arc of Memory Rick, which began in S5E8, Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort, where Rick brings Birdperson back to life by entering his mind.

There, he meets a memory representation of his younger self, who is a genius thanks to Birdperson's favorable opinion of Rick. This younger and more hip Rick, referred to as Memory Rick, finds a way to get into the real Rick's mind at the end of the episode, and apparently, he's been there ever since.

In the most recent episode, while Rick and Jerry's minds are one, Memory Rick goes from one to the other and ends up in Jerry's mind. The real Rick may very well have put him there on purpose.

The episode showed us that the Ricks would rather kill themselves than end up in their sons-in-law's minds, so Memory Rick tries to invent something to get out of his new prison. But he can only travel through Jerry's memories, and since Jerry is simple-minded and thinks all technology works with springs and gears, Memory Rick can't really make anything useful there. His only pastime is creating lawn ornaments and sculptures.

Sounds terrible, right? It's torture for Memory Rick, but he's genius enough to find a way out of even the most impossible situation. We believe in him. And do you?

Will Memory Rick be back in future episodes?

Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 4, That's Amorte, is set to premiere on Adult Swim on November 5, 2023.