Matthew McConaughey or Billy Crudup? Kate Hudson Picks the Best Kisser

Matthew McConaughey or Billy Crudup? Kate Hudson Picks the Best Kisser
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Kate Hudson might not be an A-list Hollywood star, but she's still an accomplished actress, whose career spans more than a quarter of a century.

She starred in a number of successful movies, like How to Lose a Guy in 10 days (2002), You, Me and Dupree (2004) and Bride Wars (2009). Her most recent notable role was Birdie Jay in Glass Onion (2022).

You can expect that an actress with so many roles — and particularly with so many roles in various sorts of romantic comedies — would have kissed a number of men on screen during her long career.

And that is indeed so — Hudson did kiss quite a few actors, and recently, she took the lie detector test for Vanity Fair, which revealed which of her co-stars was the best kisser.

When she was shown the picture of Dane Cook, with whom she co-starred and kissed in My Best Friend's Girl (2008), her answer was rather cutting: 'No. Canceled.'

One would expect that playing a character who spends much of the movie on the verge of getting canceled, as was the case with the above-mentioned Birdie Jay, would have made Hudson more merciful — but apparently, no. And according to Internet hearsay, Cook also named Hudson his worst on-screen kiss.

So the prime candidates for the title of the best smoocher ended up Matthew McConaughey, Hudson's partner on How to Lose a Guy as well as Fool's Gold (2008), and Billy Crudup, with whom young Hudson kissed on the set of her breakthrough film, Almost Famous (2000).

The actress said, 'I think Billy is a gentler kisser. Better? I wouldn't say better. Definitely… definitely just gentler. It's a more sophisticated version of a kiss.' So, as it happens, one of the first of Kate Hudson's on-screen kisses ended up one of her most memorable ones.

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However, in the end, both Matthew and Billy kisses lost to the ultimate kisser, whom Kate Hudson met when playing in another one of her earliest movies — Dr. T & the Women (2000). And that happened to be Liv Tyler. Kate just couldn't forget those soft lips of hers!