Love After Lockup Drama: Why is Monique Getting All the Hate?

Image credit: We TV

Fans of the reality show still loathe the way Monique treats her boyfriend, Derek.

We TV's Love After Lockup has captivated audiences since its debut in 2018, offering a unique and compelling premise for a reality show. While the idea of a romantic series featuring a partner behind bars may strike some as odd, the show's consistent ratings have made it a resounding success.

Now in its fourth season, Love After Lockup continues to deliver thrilling drama as new couples navigate the ups and downs of their relationships, making it one of the most engaging and satisfying reality shows on the air today.

Monique and her boyfriend Derek, who has been released after spending nine years in prison for drug distribution, have undoubtedly contributed a great deal to the show's continued success.

Derek and Monique's relationship flourished while he was inside, but their dynamic took a dramatic turn for the worse once he was released. Monique's extreme jealousy consumed her, transforming her into one of the most reviled characters on Love After Lockup.

While some may still ponder what caused this sudden change in behaviour, dedicated fans who closely follow the show know exactly what prompted Monique's transformation.

To many viewers, Monique comes across as an exceedingly egotistical and self-absorbed individual, consistently disregarding Derek's actions and feelings.

Despite his unwavering pledge of fidelity, Monique refuses to believe him, brazenly invading his privacy. She not only put surveillance and monitoring apps on his phone but also attempted to install a hidden camera at his grandmother's home. Unsurprisingly, fans were outraged by Monique's antics, condemning her for mistreating Derek and his loved ones.

Furthermore, Monique persists in presenting herself as a victim on screen, but her actions speak louder than words - she has openly confessed to her desire to isolate Derek from his family and made a dreadful scene at one of his family gatherings, hurling insults at his loved ones.

While Monique endeavours to conceal her malicious persona beneath a veil of victimhood, fans can see through her act and hate her guts.