Lori Was One of the Most Toxic the Walking Dead Characters, according to Reddit

Image credit: Legion-Media

Rick Grimes' wife had many faults, but fans were particularly upset with her behavior.

AMC's biggest zombie series became a hit thanks to its well-written characters, who are struggling to come to terms with the fact that their normal lives have come to an end. Unsurprisingly, a huge portion of the characters shown in the series are far from being sweet and gentle, as even the best of people can break under pressure.

The Walking Dead has always managed to present even the most despicable people with a pinch of sympathy, explaining why and how they became the way they are, and fans loved it. But sometimes some characters are just too obnoxious to please fans.

Lori Grimes was definitely one of those, despite being the wife of the most beloved person of the entire series.

After the zombie outbreak, Lori thought her husband was dead and joined Shane Walsh and his group of survivors, starting a romantic relationship with him to protect herself and her son. Although her actions are understandable because of the situation she finds herself in, some fans still accuse Lori of infidelity.

After Rick suddenly reappears in her life, she is faced with a serious dilemma: stay with Shane or try to rekindle her relationship with Rick. Throughout the first two seasons, the woman constantly changes her mind, one moment telling Shane to get out of her life and the next, thanking him for being there for her.

Of course, everyone knows it's okay to act this way when your life depends on it, but fans couldn't help but hate Lori, calling her toxic for torturing both the husband and her new lover.

In addition, Lori is constantly having problems with other survivors, often putting herself and her son above everyone else. While some say she is the perfect mother, others argue that teamwork is essential for survival during a zombie apocalypse. However, despite her toxic personality, fans were completely shocked by her death, as they were convinced that Rick and Lori could have a brand new love chapter in their relationship.