Looks Like Rebecca is Going to Be Ted Lasso’s Biggest Problem in Season 3

Looks Like Rebecca is Going to Be Ted Lasso’s Biggest Problem in Season 3
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Fans discuss the unusual behavior of Ted Lasso’s boss.

With its third and final season released, Ted Lasso is expected to answer all the questions the fans might have, but instead its first episode raises more concern, intriguing the viewers.

Episode 1 of Ted Lasso's long-anticipated season 3 gave the fans food for thought when Rebecca, the owner of AFC Richmond who hired Ted Lasso, an American football coach, told him off for not fighting back. Many fans have already labeled her behavior as mistreatment.

“I was actually pissed off when she asked Ted to fight back and her reaction initially when Ted was taking the high road. I don’t want to this season to be Ted getting mistreated by Rebecca,” wrote Redditor Lava_Panda.

The general assumption is that Rebecca lost her countenance when learned that her ex-husband, the previous owner of AFC Richmond whom she spent years avenging, now owns their rivals West Ham United who also stole a coach from them. Many believe that her determination to beat her ex has caused her to overlook Ted's efforts for the team. This may result in her firing Lasso at the end of the season, many believe.

The idea that she might sack Ted to set him free wasn’t dismissed completely, however.

“Maybe she’ll fire him because she knows he will stay loyal to the team, but she sees what it does to him being away from his family. Instead of it being a negative thing, she’ll release him,” assumed Reddit user serendipitous.

Others theorize that Ted may have another breakdown that’ll render him incapable of fulfilling his duties in Rebecca’s eyes, so she’ll have to fire him. It doesn’t have to be a negative moment though since Ted may realize that he’s in dire need of help and cannot adhere to his “I never quit even if it's killing me” principle. The team will continue preparing and finally win the cup, paying homage to their used-to-be-coach.

“Wouldn't that be a good ending for Ted? Realizing that sometimes giving up one thing for something you care more about isn't quitting, and it's okay to let go?” user BElf1990 wondered.

After all, Ted Lasso is a very optimistic series. It is simply unlikely that its most optimistic character will have a bad time, particularly from someone he has helped so much.