Looks Like Masked Singer Fans Already Guessed Dandelion's Identity

Looks Like Masked Singer Fans Already Guessed Dandelion's Identity
Image credit: FOX

The Masked Singer, a reality competition featuring singers dressed up in extravagant costumes and performing famous songs, continues to delight the audience, with only two episodes of the current season nine left to air.

And of all the stars who appeared on the show this season, Dandelion seemed to have captured the audience's attention the most.

The masked performer has managed to keep her identity secret while defeating the equally amusing Mantis in their singing battle. But who is the person behind that amazing Dandelion costume? Looks like the fans have pretty good clues!

The most memorable moment was Dandelion's rendition of the iconic ballad 'Over the Rainbow,' sung by Judy Garland in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

Dandelion's singing impressed everyone so much that fans couldn't help but speculate about who she might be — and surprisingly, their guesses are different from the judges'.

But before we delve into fan theories, let's look at the hints we got from the show itself. First, this performer definitely has either an Emmy, a Grammy, or a book. Secondly, according to Dandelion, she started her career early as a child. Third, she plays the piano. And fourth, she has worked with Madonna and Elton John. So, guess, guess, guess!

'I'm getting Vanessa Williams vibes here,' one of the Redditors suggested. True, Miss America-turned-singer checks all the boxes, and her vocals are also similar to Dandelion's.

She is an Emmy and Grammy winner, has been involved in music since she was a kid, and she co-wrote the 2012 memoir with her mother. She also managed to work with Madonna in the 80s and is acquainted with Elton John. So, most of the suspicion falls on Williams.

But there is also a different hypothesis, no less popular than the first one.

'Dandelion is Alicia Keys. Change my mind,' another fan said on Twitter.

This is a valid possibility, as Keys fits all the criteria presented on the show. She has 15 Grammy Awards, several autobiographical and fictional books, including children's books. She has also been involved in music since the age of 13 and can play the piano. Keys has performed with Elton John and worked on a Madonna album.

So there you have it — Vanessa Williams or Alicia Keys? As strong as these guesses are, there may still be a completely different person hiding inside the Dandelion costume. And while the intrigue of the show builds up, The Masked Singer fans are getting hyped up to see the performers' identities revealed in the future episodes.