Kim Kardashian Regrets Only One Thing About Dating Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian Regrets Only One Thing About Dating Pete Davidson
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The reality TV star has opened up about the affair that excited the public back in 2021.

Celebrity love lives are extremely fascinating to follow. While some may consider it a breach of privacy, most people see it as nothing more than a part of being a public persona. And when it comes to those who sell their privacy for fame and money, things get even more interesting.

Kim Kardashian is notorious for showing off all the aspects of her life. Ascending to fame as a result of a leaked adult video, she went on to become the ultimate star of American reality television. Keeping Up with the Kardashians spanned a whopping 20 seasons from 2007 to 2018 and was later replaced by The Kardashians, which is still on the air. Kim's personal life is much of a show, too.

In the past several years, Kim Kardashian was in the center of attention due to her divorce from Kanye West who fell out of favor with the public because of his anti-Jewish comments. While the marriage wasn't officially over, the reality TV star entered a new relationship with Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson. They lasted ten months until calling it quits in August 2022.

Almost a year later, Kardashian says she has a single regret as to her and Davidson's romance.

Kim and Pete have a 13-year age gap between them, but that wasn't the problem with their relationship. As Kardashian revealed, it was the rapid start to their romance that she now feels sorry about. She admits she shouldn't have 'jumped into another relationship so fast.'

Talking to her siblings in a recent episode of The Kardashians' third season, Kim advised them not to rush things when it comes to matters of the heart.

'It got my mind away from stuff and that's not a way to run from things,' she said. 'It's better to deal. Heal, deal, heal and then feel.'

It's also worth noting that Kardashian is admittedly sorry to have put Davidson through her divorce from West. The rapper's hostility towards the couple was made public on many occasions, including some references in his song 'Eazy,' and Kim regrets that Pete has experienced the grime firsthand.

However, the relationship is already a thing of the past, as Kim and Pete's breakup was just as unexpected as their dating in the first place. While still in the relationship, both looked pretty happy together, so some of the fans must feel a little sorry that the couple split up.

We're hoping that Kim Kardashian's next relationship will be more successful. She is now romantically linked with NFL star Tom Brady, although the rumors have not been officially confirmed.

Source: Bustle.