Keeping It Classy: 9 Celebs Who Refuse to Do Nude Scenes

Image credit: Legion-Media

The no-nudity club: celebrities who draw a line on nude scenes.

Julia Roberts

You must be surprised to see Julia Roberts on this list. But there is nothing unusual about it. She has never actually been filmed in the nude: in Pretty Woman, a body double was used in all the nude scenes.

Julia says she is uncomfortable about filming nude scenes, and now, as a mother of three, she doesn't think it would be the right thing to do.

Megan Fox

Despite her revealing outfits and sex symbol status, Megan has never been completely naked in front of a camera. She says she already has very little privacy left as it is and that she won't be surrendering this last bastion. She wants to keep something that's hers alone.

Jessica Alba

A mother of two, Jessica doesn't want her kids or relatives ever getting to see her in any nude scenes. She says it would be weird if all her family were watching a movie on Christmas and she was in it without any clothes on. Jessica doesn't care if it makes her a bad actress. Seeing how she has millions of fans, though, it seems like her refusal to do nude scenes has hardly affected her standing as an actress.

Blake Lively

Blake doesn't think explicit scenes ever add anything to a movie, so she refuses to get naked in front of a camera. She says that whenever there is a nude scene in a movie, it distracts her from the plot; all she sees is the naked body. She has appeared in movies where her characters were shown without clothes, but body doubles were used in all those scenes.

Keira Knightley

It is explicitly stipulated in Keira's contract that she gets the final say in whether a body double is to be hired if there is nudity in a movie. Keira says she's never done anything she didn't feel comfortable doing. She has no body image issues and has no problem getting naked in front of the whole crew.

The body-double clause got added to her contract after she became a mother.

Reese Witherspoon

For Reese, nudity is the red line she will never cross. The Big Little Lies star is convinced that when an actress takes her clothes off, she voluntarily objectifies herself. She doesn't understand why so many women go along with it.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah gave the producers of Sex and the City an ultimatum: the main character was never to appear nude in the series. She even refused to have a body double appear in nude scenes for her, tying the producers' hands completely.

Sarah once admitted she is a very shy person and takes no pride in her looks.


Rihanna has appeared in skimpy lingerie in a lot of promotional materials for her band, but she draws the line at full frontal nudity, saying her mother would kill her if she were to pose naked and adding that she raised her to certain standards.

Taylor Swift

Taylor's views of nudity are somewhat peculiar. She says that she believes it can actually be more dangerous to write and perform brutally honest tracks that let people in on what kind of person she is, thus making her vulnerable in many more ways than simply getting naked would do.

And yet, she keeps recording albums about practically every guy she ever dates and breaks up with.