Keep It PG: 10 K-Dramas Without Kissing to Watch on Netflix

Keep It PG: 10 K-Dramas Without Kissing to Watch on Netflix
Image credit: KBS2

Are they safe to watch with your children, though? Probably not.

Sometimes it feels like everything on Netflix – regardless of genre – finds a way to shoehorn in some smooching. Getting sick of the snogging? We’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 K-dramas that will keep you entertained – no kissing involved.

  1. Divorce Attorney Shin: A former piano player – now an eccentric lawyer – fights for his clients in the messy world of divorce. Light-hearted and cozy viewing, this is a great one to cuddle up and watch as the weather turns colder.

  2. Stranger: In this twisty, well-constructed crime thriller, a prosecutor worn down by the job teams up with a gutsy detective. Together they try to solve a murder case while also dealing with political corruption.

  3. The Uncanny Counter: By day, they run a noodle shop. But by night, the Counters go out and fight demons. A fun fantasy option for those who want their demon-ass-kicking with no side of kissing.

  4. Behind Your Touch: Another crime drama, but this one sees a small-time cop teaming up with a psychic vet. At first they crack minor cases, but their unusual combo of skills eventually lands them on the trail of a serial killer.

  5. Hot Stove League: The Dreams is a professional baseball team that has placed dead last in their league for four years running. They hire a new general manager who has had lots of success managing other sports teams… but who doesn’t know the first thing about baseball.

  6. Bloodhounds: When a young boxer finds out that his mother is in serious trouble with a loan shark, he teams up with another fighter and a benevolent moneylender to get her out of trouble.

  7. Mr Sunshine: Fans of this show will tell you that Mr Sunshine is not only one of the great K-Dramas of all time – it’s one of the great dramas of all time, period. While a romance story is central to the show, it still makes our list because (spoiler alert) there’s no kissing. Be warned: this sweeping historical story is a real tearjerker.

  8. Kingdom: It’s the 16th century, and a mystery plague sweeping across the land. A young crown prince becomes the only hope of his people, but first he must survive political intrigue, war, and… zombies. Lots and lots of zombies.

  9. Summer Strike: Another romance without any smooching between the lead characters, Summer Strike is a sweet and wholesome story about a young woman tired of the hustle of the big city. She moves to a small town and learns to love the slower pace… and possibly a young librarian.

  10. Sell Your Haunted House: A real estate agent who specializes in exorcizing and then selling haunted houses meets a con artist who makes his living exploiting the supernatural. When they realize that the deaths of her mother and his uncle are related, the two team up to solve the mystery.