Kate Middleton Had an Ordinary Job Before Royalty (And Was Terrible At It)

Kate Middleton Had an Ordinary Job Before Royalty (And Was Terrible At It)
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As we search for our place in this world, we take on different roles until we find the one that fits us best. The rich and famous are no exception. Everyone is used to hearing that another actress or singer waited tables before taking off.

However, it is less common to hear that a royal once had a relatively menial job.

Charming Kate Middleton is probably everyone's cup of tea. No wonder she is beloved by so many Brits. Very unusually, the Duchess of Wales also appears to be on friendly terms with the British mainstream media.

So you shouldn't be surprised to see Her Royal Highness, along with Prince William, making a meringue roll on television with the famous Mary Berry.

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It is during this event that Kate Middleton was reminded of the job she once had in her life.

Everyone seems to know that Kate and William met at university. And like many other students, Kate Middleton worked as a waitress. In 2019, both Their Royal Highnesses took part in the BBC's A Berry Royal Christmas, hosted by Mary Berry.

Guided by the host and another professional baker, Nadiya Hussain, the royal couple prepared several meals for the guests. When Mary Berry gave Kate Middleton a cocktail to pass around, the Duchess didn't shy away from saying that it reminded her of her university days when she had waited tables for some time.

Stunned by the revelation, Mary Berry followed up with a question for Kate. Naturally, the hostess wondered if Her Royal Highness had been any good at it. "No, I was terrible!" Kate Middleton light-heartedly quipped.

Waiting tables wasn't the Duchess' only job before becoming a member of the royal family. As a teenager, she worked as a deckhand in Southampton.

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After university, Kate Middleton worked for Jigsaw, a major fashion chain. And just before marrying Prince William, she joined her mother in her decorating business.

But when Kate and William became engaged, she decided to devote herself full-time to the royal family. Judging by her sky-high popularity with the public and the media, she hasn't missed a beat.