James Marsden Is All for 27 Dresses Sequel, Has a Perfect Plot Idea

James Marsden Is All for 27 Dresses Sequel, Has a Perfect Plot Idea
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The 2000s were all about rom-coms. Love Actually, 50 First Dates, Just Like Heaven, The Proposal, and many other hit romantic films of the noughties became an integral part of the movie history.

And despite their recurring plot devices and characters, each of those movies was unique, so it's no wonder people are still eager to watch and rewatch those stories.

This is equally true for 27 Dresses — a classic rom-com centered around Jane Nichols, a young woman who has been a bridesmaid at 27 weddings yet isn't married herself. As she intends to change this, Jane meets Kevin, who seems to be a completely unsuitable choice for her, and also has a crush on her boss George, who gets mutually interested in her sister, Tess.

At the end of the film, Jane dons her 28th dress — finally, a wedding gown — as she goes down the aisle, surrounded by her family and friends.

The movie is brilliantly staged and has been admired for its lightheartedness and unusual plot, so it's not surprising that people have been hoping to see a continuation of the rom-com all these years.

Luckily, 27 Dresses' star James Marsden recently admitted that he would be completely 'down' for its continuation. In an interview with E! News, the actor who portrayed Kevin in the movie shared his ideas about a possible sequel and even went as far as to suggest a title — 27 Children — which embraces the charm of the original film and suggests the perfect plot idea for it.

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'That movie weirdly has legs that I'm not sure I anticipated it having,' Marsden said in the interview. Since 27 Dresses, the actor has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, including Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, The Butler, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Disenchanted, and his most recent project — Jury Duty.

And in fact, Marsden isn't the only one who would love to take part in another 'leggy' movie. His co-star Katherine Heigl, the actress who portrayed Jane herself, told E! News she 'would die to do a 27 Dresses sequel.'

Like her partner on 27 Dresses, the star has taken part in a bunch of successful film and TV projects over the years — Life as We Know It, The Big Wedding, and Suits are just some of the famous titles in Heigl's portfolio.

So it's actually quite promising that the two leading actors from 27 Dresses are keen to play in a sequel to the fan-favorite rom-com. Hopefully, the movie's producers and writers would be just as interested in their ideas and willing to delight fans with yet another story about Jane and Kevin.