Jackson Rathbone's Transformation Sent Fans (& Twilight Co-Stars) Into Frenzy

Jackson Rathbone's Transformation Sent Fans (& Twilight Co-Stars) Into Frenzy
Image credit: Legion-Media

From 2008 to 2012 he played vampire Jasper Hale in the romantic fantasy Twilight franchise, and it's no surprise that more than ten years later he looks different from his character, but that would be an understatement.

Actor Jackson Rathbone looks absolutely nothing like what most Twilight fans will remember him as, but they certainly aren't complaining.

The smell of human blood may have once sent vampires into a frenzy, but it's got nothing on the effect the American actor's most recent Instagram post had not just on fans, but co-stars too.

It's not the first time that the Twilight alum has posted a gym-centric pic to Instagram and it's no secret that he's been hitting the gym, but this particular post showing off his muscles and tattoos got a whole lot of attention, with thousands more likes than most of his previous posts, a whole lot of love from followers and a whole lot of spicy comments.

Nikki Reed, who played Rosalie Hale alongside Rathbone in the vampire series, commented 'Okaaaaay' in all caps, adding fire and heart emojis. The pair have remained close since the Twilight era ended, with Nikki even being the godmother of one of his children.

Wall of Mexico co-star Alex Meneses chimed in with, 'Ok. You're a complete stud. Whatever.'

And an army of fans was commenting about how 'Jasper' had gotten hot and gotten buff, with many likening him to Emmet's physique in the movies.

Others called it a 'Thirst Trap' and were set on either marrying him or having him turn them into vampires (and the word 'daddy' came up in the comments a little too often for comfort).

He certainly has glowed up that didn't require any vampiric immortality. Whilst the dark-haired, muscular, tattooed man in the post may look far from the Jasper fans initially swooned over, he still has some of the same familiar features, seen in his quirky eyebrow raise.

Following his time with Twilight, Rathbone has appeared in the series Aim High, Finding Carter, and The Last Ship, as well as films City of Dead Men, Pali Road, Until We Meet Again, and this year, Condor's Nest among other credits.

Whilst no role may be as iconic as the long-haired soldier turned vegetarian vampire, Jasper Hale, it seems his biggest role nowadays is that of a husband and father to three children, his youngest born in 2019.

There's no doubt that his Instagram followers can expect more pictures like this in the future as he continues to work on his physique.

His caption may have said 'no excuses' but for fans, and co-stars, it was more like 'no holding back' on the steamy comments and heart eye emojis, and we can't say he didn't deserve them…