It's My Deck Now, Buddy Boy! 5 Below Deck Quotes to Spice Up Your Everyday Life

Image credit: Bravo TV

The enormous popularity of the reality show has led many people to find their new favorite catchphrases.

Bravo's hit reality series about the work of a luxury superyacht crew has always been a favorite in large part due to its absolute honesty. All the cast members on the show act as if they're not in front of the camera, constantly bickering and quarreling with each other, and this lifelike sincerity has led to a huge number of memorable quotes that fans even use in real life.

Here are the top five quotes from Below Deck.

It's my deck now, Buddy Boy

EJ's catchy response to Nick's "Get off my deck" became one of the show's most memorable crowning phrases, as fans applauded the unintentional hilarity of the statement.

While trying to sound cool, EJ's goofy voice made it sound like a joke, and people loved the saying and have started to use it ironically in any appropriate or inappropriate situation.

You are an absolute oxygen thief

Travis' insult was a truly surprising event at Below Deck Mediterranean since no one expected him to come down on chef Mila Kolomeitseva so harshly. Nevertheless, people still enjoyed this mic drop moment from the beloved deckhand, and many would have liked to find the right moment to use it as a funny insult in real life.

Chicken is for poor people

The infamous saying by one of Below Deck's guests has been quoted by the superyacht crew members, who have used it to make fun of their posh guests. Although the original phrase was uttered without any irony at all, fans now like to say it as a reference to the "filthy rich" who have absolutely no idea how ordinary people live.

More foam, Bosun!

One of the greatest guests in the show's history was Steve, whose iconic superyacht foam party was the series' biggest laugh-out-loud celebration. Drunk Steve was practically swimming in foam, and though none of his friends joined the party, he went on to have a great time all by himself. At one point, he saw Bosun and demanded more foam, spawning one of the most ridiculous phrases in the history of reality TV.

Flesh wounds are not five star

When a guest was injured during one of the charters, someone on the show used this phrase to point out the fact that people getting injured can ruin the excellent service the crew provides. This iconic quote perfectly captures all the craziness that often happens on the deck of a superyacht, and it's often used by fans when someone close to them is injured.