Is Zach The Most Hated Bachelor Now After 'Lying' To Contestants?

Is Zach The Most Hated Bachelor Now After 'Lying' To Contestants?
Image credit: ABC

Okay, now that the twenty-seventh (which one again?!) season of The Bachelor has come to an end, it's time to talk about what on earth was that?

Of course, an overly dramatic reality show is basically built on a very exploitative concept, but fans thought that Zach's actions were quite... odd. And whether his decisions were his own deliberate choice or made under pressure from the producers, his behavior clearly left the audience scratching their heads.

The poor guy was confused and standing in the way of an important ethical decision. Except that once he made the decision, he immediately blew it. So, can we call Zach the most hated Bachelor in the show's history?

We're talking about how Zach lied to Gabi when he said he loved her, even though clearly his choice was leaning toward Kaity during the Final 4.

"He's honest. But he couldn't say to them 'you're right. I'm not as into you. I already know you're not in my F4'," Reddit user twelvedayslate says.

Sure, we can justify him by saying that he felt uncomfortable with an overly emotional Gabi, was afraid to tell the truth, and so on and so forth. However! Many agreed he could have handled this situation much better, because telling a person that you love them when you obviously don't is not the best thing to do.

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Moreover, fans clearly didn't appreciate that he slept with Gaby and confessed it to Kaity on camera the next day! Why would he do that? So that the public would know about the private side of the poor girl's life nationwide?

"Idk the sleeping with Gabi, telling her you're falling in love with her, then betraying her trust by telling national tv/other contestants you had sex with her all so "fans" will call her a predator, just to say you knew it was never going to be her bc it was Kaity all along?" Ok_Mushroom_7341 complains.

All in all, no matter how Zach's actions were dictated by the decisions of the producers, the audience was not pleased. But is he really the most hated, though? It seems like every bachelor becomes the one every season!