Is OFMD Ending with Season 3 Actually a Wise Decision?

Is OFMD Ending with Season 3 Actually a Wise Decision?
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Quantity does not equal quality.

At a time when many shows were reeling from the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes (well, more specifically, from the unwillingness of major studios to provide satisfactory working conditions), the real saving grace this fall was the second season of Our Flag Means Death, a pirate show that deftly balances satire, heartbreaking romantic drama, and great LGBTQ+ representation.

Given that we live in the age of streaming, where a show's fate depends on high ratings (and even then, they're no guarantee), news of a series renewal is a delight. So we can only hope that OFMD's popularity will remain high enough and that the story will be developed in the form of a third season.

By the way, according to the showrunner, if there is a third season, it will be the last. But is this the right decision, or perhaps they should develop more?

Season 3 (if renewed) will be the show's last

News that showrunner David Jenkins already has plans for the finale came to light before Season 2 was even released. In August 2023, Jenkins posted a teaser for OFMD Season 2 on his personal Instagram account.

In the comments, writer and comedian Kristin Chirico wrote, 'My one life's regret is that I won't be cool or famous enough in time to hassle my reps to allow me to waddle across one scene while wearing a stupid hat or something.'

It didn't take long for the showrunner to respond.

'Help get us picked up for a third (and final) season and we’ll talk,' he replied, confirming that Season 3 will be a final one.

Is that enough seasons?

Thus, let's amicably attract more viewers to our favorite queer-drama, folks! Until then, let's address the question of whether three seasons is enough for this story.

First, in the age of streaming services, where any show can be canceled after a season or two, modesty about the length of a story can be a win-win: Jenkins has tempered his ambitions and now aims to tell a complete and finished story over the course of three seasons.

Second, pop culture is replete with examples of how endless series renewals have led to a decline in script quality, as writers lose their understanding of where the story should go next. In addition, audiences were lost as the story dragged on unbearably long. In contrast, many shows like Succession or Barry have ended on their creators' terms alone, managing to cram a complete and coherent story into just a few seasons.

In the meantime, get ready for two new episodes of OFMD Season 2 to be released on Max on October 12!

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